Why Mondays Stink (+ what oils to use to make them stink less)


Let’s face it, they do. I can never pop out of bed Monday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter how many oily face masks I put on the night before. I often have trouble falling asleep Sunday night because my body has grown accustomed to my late-night shenanigans throughout the weekend and is like “oh you want to call it an early night tonight? lol Meg”. Once I do fall asleep my sleep is shit because I am thinking about the million and one things I am about to face tomorrow. I’m lolling because I usually wake up to my alarm mid dream on Monday mornings and that’s when you know your REM is beyond effed. I’m often confused and have to remind myself that it is a weekday and I can’t sleep in. Last night I had a dream I called out of work today and it was just beautiful. Morning alarm sounds. *shrieks*

So here is the thing, Mondays are always going to happen, like we can’t just cancel them. However, we can make a few adjustments to make them suck less perhaps? First is identifying the problem. In this case, we need to identify why they suck so bad.


Sleep is shit

oils: lavender, cedarwood, valor, northern lights black spruce, sacred mountain is my jam

You’re socializing and mingling all weekend, honestly it is exhausting. Especially with these football games, it’s like non stop then Monday comes and you’re like “shit I had like 8 loads of laundry to do and I didn’t even pack my lunch for today”. HELP.

Drop in that lavender oil baby and try your hardest to keep your sleep schedule as consistent as possible. I know this sounds impossible but that is truly how you will get your best quality of sleep. We need sleep for absolutely everything. Our skin cell regeneration, our mental health, metabolism, our sanity and so much more. I’m a miserable bitch when I’m lacking sleep, it’s not fair to those around me. So I’m going to try and stick to my sleep schedule as much as I possibly can. This should be fun.


You eat like crap on the weekend

oils: peppermint and lemon not only curb your appetite but they help cleanse your system when added to capsules

We tend to let ourselves go on the weekends, or at the very least not be as attentive to what we eat as we are during the week. This puts your body into a tailspin, so when we return to the week day diet on Monday after stretching our stomachs all weekend we feel like complete and utter shit. Mondays man.

I am out of friggin shape so what I am determined to do is get back to where I was a year ago. I need to really focus on what I eat every single day, not just on the weekend and kick my ass into high gear. Meal prep is absolutely essential when it comes to this subject. Once I meal prep I’ll never have to buy lunch again resulting in weight loss and a fat pocket.


Negative mental state of mind 

Oils: anything citrus will help you hone in, get focused and stay positive

Get out of your own head. Mondays come with a bad state of mind and rightfully so.

If we can somehow change the negative thoughts around Monday and look at it as a clean slate. Maybe you want to challenge yourself Sunday night to be as prepped as you can for Monday so it isn’t such a fucking circus in the morning. We are already zombies, let’s make this as mindless as possible people. Give yourselves a break.


Here are a few things I suggest to make your Mondays a tad bit better

  • Save one of your favorite episodes that you usually watch on Sunday for Monday. This way you have something to look forward to.
  • Plan a girls dinner for Monday night.
  • Plan your outfit the night before. Plan everything the night before so you aren’t sleepwalking around your house, cursing and kicking shit come morning. Hell you might even be able to sleep in a bit.
  • Blast your music in the morning! Wake it up baby!
  • Eat Breakfast!


Author: oilswinethyme

I thoroughly enjoy vino, my friends, family, and my Young Living everything. Here you will find my random, scattered thoughts and obsessions on one website. Hopefully it is useful to you. Even if it isn’t, thanks for tuning in.

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