Did you know essential oils are used for mental and emotional support?

There are so many emotional oils that I love but I really want to introduce you to Geranium. Why? Because it is found in many of our feelings blends and serves so many other purposes that I think you need to know. No, I know you need to know.

You know that feeling when you are caught in a mood that you feel like you truly cannot snap out of? Apply Geranium to your neck and ankles. Inhale it deeply. This oil releases negative emotions, sparks joy and releases your happy hormones! Diffuse all day to release negative emotions so you have more time to focus on the positives in life.

As the weather gets warmer you will LOVE having your Geranium. Swimming this summer? Apply some Geranium to the bottoms of the feet after you’re done taking a dip. It helps with removing chlorine from the body which usually stays in our systems for days.

Oh the skin benefits of geranium. I originally grabbed Geranium for the skin benefits alone. Add to your moisturizer for radiant skin. I put it in all my skin recipes to help tighten and tone to prevent wrinkles!

And where are my dry brushers at? Let me tell you the secret to dry brushing… it is using Geranium on your skin before you brush!!

Perfume. The most delightful addition to my perfume is Geranium. Sometimes I will simply add witch hazel to my Geranium bottle as it gets low and use as my daily perfume. Detoxing your armpits? This can be used as a natural deodorant along with Patchouli in the interim.


Author: oilswinethyme

I thoroughly enjoy vino, my friends, family, and my Young Living everything. Here you will find my random, scattered thoughts and obsessions on one website. Hopefully it is useful to you. Even if it isn’t, thanks for tuning in.

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