Go easy on moms.

Don’t tell her she should be doing something she isn’t. 

When she goes out with girlfriends don’t tell her she shouldn’t be. She needs that time. Trust me, I know. 

If she is complaining about how hard her job is, don’t tell her to just be grateful. Let her vent for a second. 

Instead of offering unsolicited advice, give her an unexpected compliment. Those come few and far between believe it or not and they mean THE WORLD to us. 

If you feel like she isn’t being present with you, realize it isn’t you. She has a circus playing in her head. 

Don’t take it personal if she forgets to text you back right away, if at all really. She’s in the trenches and not sure what she even ate for breakfast. 

I say these things because a mom is already overthinking her choices, decisions and choice of words. She is already trying to please not only her kids but her significant other, her parents and her friends. Her patience is tested and stretched thin literally every single day of her life. 

Her life isn’t hers anymore and her decisions are not only affecting solely her. While it is the most beautiful thing in the world, it is also the hardest job in the world. We want to get it right. Believe it or not we hang onto those encouraging words.

Go easy on moms. I promise you no one is harder on her than herself. 

May + June Brand Partner Incentives


✨CULTIVATE & GROW Summer Bonus! ✨

Get ready to earn up to an ADDITIONAL $600 in bonuses in both May and June!

That’s a grand total of up to $1,200 additional commission that can be earned from May 1–June 30 with the Cultivate & Grow incentive!!!!

This is in addition to the Fast Start Bonuses, Starter Bundle Bonuses, and other sales commission bonuses that can already be earned through our bombbbb comp plan!



This is a similar concept to “Help 2, Help 4, Help 6” if you were around for that fun program – the difference? This time you are earning cashhhhh money! I am going to use that term to break it down for you – OH, and these bonuses stack on top of each other!


A brand partner sells 100+ PV to two (2) new or re-activated customers or brand partners = EARN $100



A brand partner sells 100+ PV to four (4) new or re-activated customers or brand partners = EARN $200



A brand partner sells 100+ PV to six (6) new or re-activated customers or brand partners = EARN $300


the ability to earn up to an additional $600 in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This starts over for JUNE, and you can earn another additional $600!


Lemme break this down even further for you – this is ON TOP of our regular 25% Fast Start, and $25 Starter Bundle Bonus.

– If you helped your peeps get eligible Starter Bundles – you would earn an additional $50 for each one! ($25 Starter Bundle Bonus + 25% Fast Start on 100PV/$25)

– If you helped your peeps get started with custom 100PV orders, you’d earn an additional 25% Fast Start on their PV.

I made an additional graphic to show you how you can earn $900 by selling 6 Starter Bundles!


US only incentive*

– Canada’s Cultivate & Grow incentive will launch June 1, 2022, as soon as their Enroll & Earn incentive comes to an end.

– Cash rewards will be paid out on the next commission check for qualifying brand partners.

– Reactivations = 2 years inactive

Thieves Cleaner 4 life

I have heard people say so many times that clean products don’t work or they are way too expensive. Say no more fam. This stuff doesn’t just work amazing, it lasts forever and a day. Saves me tons in cleaning products because it acts as an all surface cleaner, literally even your windows – toss the windex, toss it all. This is ONE cleaner under your cabinet that your kids can break into and drink and you don’t have to call poison control.

It’s made with 100% plant‐ and mineral‐based ingredients, including:
+ Vegetable‐based surfactants like alkyl polyglucoside that are compliant with Green Seal and EPA Design for Environment (DfE) standards.
+ Biodegradable cutting agents from renewable sources.
+ Thieves and Lemon essential oils (the highest quality and purity essential oils) for natural cleaning.

How to use/

For most all-purpose cleaning, I do 1-2 caps per 16oz of water in a spray bottle.
That breaks down to one 64 oz bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate = about 128 all-purpose spray bottles (30 oz. each) for about 88 cents a bottle. That’s cheaper than most all-natural cleaners on the market!

+ Floor Cleaner
Grab a refillable floor mop and add half a cap of Thieves cleaner mixed with water to it!

+ Carpet Cleaner
Grab a mini-carpet cleaning machine and add half a cap of Thieves cleaner mixed with water to the tank.

+ Carpet Refresher
1 cup Baking Soda
15 drops of Purification
15 drop of Citrus Fresh
Mason jar
Mix all the ingredients together in the mason jar. Cut out a circle card stock paper and hole punch it with a regular hole puncher. Sprinkle the carpet or mattress with the mixture and let it sit for 15 minutes. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean it off.

Still aren’t convinced it works better than your current cleaning products? Peep this.

May 2022 Happenings

✨✨ MAY SALE! ✨✨

30% off!

* Blue Tansy 5 ml

* Frankincense 5 ml

* Copaiba 15 ml

* Geranium 15 ml


Skin care bestie. Calming bestieeeee.

Ya know how we love our blue-ish oils?

THIS is the oil that makes our favorites blue in color. It’s the unicorn oil of oils! Blue Tansy is a main ingredient in some of our most favorite oils (Think: Valor, Peace and Calming, Dream Catcher, Release, Highest Potential, to name a few).

It’s extremely relaxing and soothing, which is why it’s in so many of the emotional oils. It acts as a calming force, lessening the tension in your body (the irruption in your nervous system) which allows for the weights to be lifted off your shoulders! Blue Tansy with Cool Azul essential oil blend applied topically to fatigued muscles is another treat!

Blue Tansy is also AMAZING for your skin because of its regenerating properties!!

Add a drop to your moisturizer (you’ll only be blue for a lil LOL) at night for the softest skin, or make a glow serum!


In a 2oz bottle:

15 drops blue tansy

15 drops frankincense

15 drops geranium

(Added bonus oils to add: 2 drops rose, 3 drops royal hawaiian sandalwood, and 7 drops patchouli)

Top with rose hip oil or jojoba oil

Item#: 3084

Price: $69

PV: 69



Who loves glowing skin? Apply to fine lines nightly or make a glow serum!!

I love mixing this with coconut oil, gentle baby, and myrrh for stretch marks, itchy growing baby bumps, and slathering newborn skin!

This is also an incredible oil for your brain. Frankincense activates the part of your brain that does logical thinking versus emotional thinking. The pineal gland in your brain loves it some frankincense vitality so this happens to be a fantastic oil for supporting your hormones since the production of your hormones start in the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin and serotonin. So no wonder why frank is also GREAT for sleep!!!

Frankincense Vitality is also a powerhouse for immune and cellular support. This is a staple in our wellness cabinet.

Item#: 3549

Price: $22

PV: 22


✨ COPAIBA, 15ml

Tooth or gum feeling sore? This is your BFF. This is a must have for teething babies too! (can apply right to gums, neat! or, fave teething blend is 1tsp olive oil, 1 drop thieves, 5 drops copaiba in a small dropper bottle)

This oil (also a vitality oil) supports intestinal and gut health! (Suffer from tummy troubles? You need this!) It helps the body as it flushes toxins!!! And fluids!! Great for reducing inflammation.

If you have a baby/are pregnant – EVERY single one of you mamas who births NEEDS to use this everyday. Helps keep the baby blues away, helps flush fluids, and helps support the body’s recovery after birth. This is one of the key ingredients in Stress Away, so when you are feeling stressed, grab this oil, and apply it generously. Our dogs get this dropped in their food daily!

Item#: 3554

Price: $31

PV: 31


✨ GERANIUM, 15ml

Geranium an oil I keep close by in the kitchen for those mishaps with the knife, and in my first-aid kit! It’s wonderful (add helichrysum and jasmine!) applied right over the uterus after birth. This floral oil is a must-have for your skin care and detox routine. Add to your moisturizer for radiant, dewy, even-toned skin. Did you know that some folks add geranium to their hot tub instead of chlorine? Add a few drops to your body lotion and put on your skin before and after swimming to help combat the effects of the chlorine. 👏🏻👏🏻

Do you dry brush? If so, try putting some Geranium on your skin before you brush!! Also, ladies – your hormones will THANK YOU when you use this! Apply around the inside of the ankles for happy hormones.

Aromatically, the smell of Geranium helps release negative emotions (it’s not surprising why you see geranium in many of our Feeling Kit blends). Diffuse it for a happy mood… and feelings of peace and hope! Emotionally, this oil releases negative memories and fears of abandonment to promote self-acceptance and uplift the spirit. Also… check out the interesting research about Geranium and liver/pancreas/bile ducts in your reference guide.

Item#: 3431

Price: $32

PV: 32


✨ AMORESSENCE, 5ml �This is a beauty school exclusive product that will be available for a limited time!!! EEK! This has never been available to use before!

It smells like the most beautiful perfume!!!!

It has Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Ocotea, and Idaho Blue Spruce 👀👀🥰🥰

Item #: 4901

Price: $26�PV: 26


Put your favorite diffuser blends in this pretty dropped for easy diffusing!

Or, make a skin serum!


15 drops blue tansy

15 drops frankincense

15 drops geranium

(Added bonus oils to add: 2 drops rose, 3 drops royal hawaiian sandalwood, and 7 drops patchouli)

Top with rose hip oil or jojoba oil

�Item #: 37326�Price: $5

PV: 0



– May 1-31 (while supplies last)

– Shop and Subscription

– No limits

– Open to NFR


April showers bring May flowers, and May purchases bring May gifts!

This month’s gifts will fill your home with the floral scent of May flowers. Break out a bottle of spring freshness with Lemongrass’s fresh scent or BLOOM essential oil blend’s sophisticated aroma. Revel in your hair’s natural shine and your skin’s natural glow with lush Geranium Bourbon. Dab rich Vanilla on your wrists or neck for a soft, sweet personal fragrance. Carry your favorite spring scents in your pocket or purse with an elegant amethyst roller. Plus, earn 10 extra Loyalty Rewards points simply for ordering the products you love!

Every month this generous company loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we’d be buying anyway – toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements and cleaning supplies, etc – from Young Living, and we not only get amazing, high quality products that are safe for our families, we get free products, delivery to our doorstep and product credits galore! I am ALL about boxes of safe, effective and healthy products showing up in my mailbox with fun freebies inside!

During the month of May…

With any Subscribe to Save order of 100PV or more you will receive 10 extra loyalty Rewards points! Retail value $10

With any order (Subscribe to Save or one time shop order) of 190PV or more, you’ll receive a free 15mL Lemongrass oil! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order you’ll also receive a free 5mL Geranium Bourbon, and 10 extra Loyalty Rewards points. Retail value: $58.36

Lemongrass essential oil

• Kick unwanted odors to the curb with this purifying oil! Use for cleaning, laundry and to freshen up your space whenever you need it.

Geranium Bourbon essential oil (Subscribe to Save orders)

• This floral oil is amazing for so many things – skincare, immune health and much more! Add Geranium to roller blends, pair with Citronella to deter outdoor pests, and add it to your skincare routine. No matter how you use it, this floral oil will be an essential one in your arsenal.

With any order of 250PV, you’ll receive a free 5mL BLOOM oil blend and a 15mL Lemongrass oil! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order you’ll also receive a free 5mL Geranium Bourbon, and 10 extra Loyalty Rewards points. Retail value: $104.08

BLOOM essential oil blend

• Add BLOOM essential oil blend to your skin care regimen for an extra dose of hydration or wear it as an exquisite personal fragrance.

With any order of 300PV, you’ll receive a free 5mL Vanilla, an Amethyst Roller, a 5mL BLOOOM oil blend, and a 15mL Lemongrass. If your order is a Subscribe to Save order you’ll also receive a free 5mL Geranium Bourbon, and 10 extra Loyalty Rewards points. Retail value: $171.19

Vanilla oleoresin

• Vanilla is such a warm, inviting and happy oil. It has a luxuriously rich, slightly sweet scent that enhances the experience of virtually every other essential oil, both when used topically or aromatically!

• Add this oil to diffuser blends, cleaning recipes and personal care DIYs.

Amethyst Roller

• Make a personalized perfume with this lovely amethyst roller! Combine Vanilla, BLOOM & Geranium Bourbon for a warm, floral scent.

Gift With Purchase & Subscribe to Save FAQs:

What is the gift with purchase?

Basically the best way to order ever! You purchase products and YL sends you free ones! Each month you’ll have new picks for every tier. What’s a tier? Basically, the more PV (product volume) you order, the more free products you receive!

• Order at least 100 PV to qualify for free gifts.

• Every time you increase your order volume (up to 400 PV) and qualify for a new tier, you receive free products.

Earn points on products

Not only do you receive free goodies, but if you place a 50 PV+ order each month with the Subscribe to Save program, you’ll also earn loyalty points on each purchase, which you can redeem for future products.

Earn exclusive gifts

If all those perks weren’t enough, subscribers receive a free loyalty gift as a thank you each time they reach a benchmark anniversary of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months of ordering!


April Ningxia Challenge 

Ningxia is life

I am so ready for a change and a fresh start after all of the crap I’ve consumed this winter! 🙃

Let’s reset together next month!! April is going to be a month filled with Ningxia drinking, so you’re going to want to stock up.

Current customers//

SO, on your March ER order (this month), hit 190PV with Ningxia included on your order and we will send you a fun Shot Glass to measure out your red drinkbut first Ningxia Sticker and Ningxia Info Card !

Screenshot and comment your 190pv order (Ningxia must be included) below to get the shot glass . You are going to get free shipping, Clarity, En-R-GEE & Envision fo free too!

**must be a Subscribe to Save order to qualify**

⚠️ So basically your 190PV ER order with Ningxia = shot glass, shipping, Clarity, En-R-GEE & Envision for FREE. ⚠️

NEW customers//

Use this link to grab your goods! Make sure your first order is through our subscribe to save. It is all happening in our education group so make sure you join it!

Order yours!

Join the group!

Ningxia is INCREDIBLE for our bodies. Nobody should be without it.


Fill this out!

The Red Drink// Ningxia

The best. It took me a little to get on the ningxia train but now I am basically the conductor so.

Hear me out, when you hear of it you think its one of those like powdery, artificial energy boosting drinks (at least I did) but it is so not that.

So here is what ningxia is.

A whole food puree made from wolfberries and essential oils. Wolfberries are crazy high in antioxidants. What are those? Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures. Free radicals are basically waste products from various chemical reactions in the cell that when built up, harm the cells of the body. (see chart below).

2 ounces a day. Can you eat 100 oranges, 814 blueberries, 22 medium carrots, 10.85 lbs spinach, 59 broccoli florets, 73 med. strawberries, and 93 apples? No? Then just drink 1 packet of Ningxia. I’m not kidding you, it’s equivalent to all of that. ⁣

⁣So. Many. Antioxidants. The ORAC value is a measuring system for antioxidant load. Anti-oxidants = immune support. Antioxidants protect our bodies from free radicals. They help our body get free radicals out. Antioxidants promote normal function, normal circulation, normal brain function, normal heart function, and immune system. ⁣

⁣Best part, Ningxia is for EVERYONE. It is safe for all ages, pregnant women, children, dogs errrrrrryone. For kids, once they start solids, they can start Ningxia. Start with 1/2 oz-1oz for kiddos. So, so good for balancing blood sugar.

Order yours!

Boosting the babes (immune system)

Immunity Roller//

Since our thieves roller is too strong for littles, I make a roller with 2 drops Frank + 2 drops Lemon that I will roll on their feet and spine at night. During the winter I will roll every diaper change.


These are the best vitamins for children on the market! There are no artificial dyes or chemicals like other brands we previously used. (Think Flinstones gummies that are loaded with RED DYE. Gross.) They contain super fruits, plants, and vegetables that deliver the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients for children’s developing bodies. 

How To Use
Children 6–12 yrs old, take three chewable tablets daily. Can be taken before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or in one daily dose.


Sweet little packet that I pop into JJs water or milk daily.

+ prebiotic and probiotic for kiddos

+ contains 8 billion active cultures per packet

+ vegan

+ made with Xylitol (look up what it can do for your teeth!)

+ supports gut health + immunity

+ helps with occasional bouts of constipation

+ supports healthy gut microflora

+ helps with diarrhea, gas & bloat

+ helps maintain healthy digestion


Kidscents MightyZymes are an all-natural, vegetarian product in the form of chewable tablets designed to help children combat the negative effects of of enzyme depletion.
MightyZyme chewables address each of the digestive needs of growing bodies and assist the normal digestion of all foods,including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. I don’t know about you but I like the sound of that!
Why are these important you ask?
In short, even the healthiest diet is useless without enzymes.
Enzymes are substances that make life possible! They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. Vitamins, minerals, nor hormones can do any work without enzymes. This is why enzyme depletion is concerning, and why it needs to stop; starting with our own families.
So…defend those sweet systems with a flood of healthy enzymes!
How To Use
Children 6–12 yrs old, take three chewable tablets daily.


The world is a big, exciting place for kids, with plenty to learn and do every day. From school and piano lessons to playdates and finger painting new masterpieces, it’s no surprise kids’ minds and bodies don’t always want to settle down at the end of the day. Help ease overstimulation with KidScents Unwind! This simple supplement features calming superstars like L-theanine, 5-HTP, and magnesium that are must-haves for bringing a sense of chill when energy is high.


Kid’s dont eat as much as we want them to. Enter ningxia.

Can you eat 100 oranges, 814 blueberries, 22 medium carrots, 10.85 lbs spinach, 59 broccoli florets, 73 med. strawberries, and 93 apples? No? Then just drink 1 packet of Ningxia. I’m not kidding you, it’s equivalent to all of that. ⁣

I gave this to JJ when he turned one, 2 oz right in his water. I never give him juice, I give him ningxia!

grabs yours!

A Very Merry YL Black Friday


Ohhh yasssss! It’s here – and a WEEK LONG!!!!! Our YL Black Friday sale starts Monday 11/22 at 8am MT and ends Sunday 11/28 at 11:59pm MT. 

Deets // no limits, while supplies last, Shop only (NEW members can add to Subscribe to Save to get their 24% off discount – or order 100pv – same as usual!)

Okay, let’s gooooo!!!! Here is everything that is on sale – and then I’ll share some groupings with descriptions (FULL descriptions in the Oils | Modern group!) to make it real easy to shop and see what you need to grab! 

Click here for all sales in detail!

Click here to order!

Vendor Events (how to slay them)

I literally live for these. Most of our job is educating on social so when I have the chance to connect in person I’m like hell yes. You’re working side by side with like minded individuals like you and everyone is supporting small biz. What more can I say? It has taken me a few times to learn how to make the most out of them and I am still learning so I wanted to share with you!

Capture info// Always have a giveaway (a basket of goods at your table) these cards for everyone to fill out, a pen for them to fill out and a jar for them to drop it into to. This way everyone who fills the giveaway info out is a new prospect. You have their info! Even if you sell nothing you walk away with at least a dozen new prospects!

Sell some product!// People are at vendor events to purchase things not to listen to a presentation. I had Christmas Spirit oil attached to a ornament at my last event (sold that for $20, could’ve prob done $25), the next one I will have more such as peppermint vitality oils and thieves cleaning packets! This will get the product right in their hand. I have found that DIY goods never sell well for me so I’m veering away from the rollers and bath salts.

Business cards// Guys you need them. Put allll of your info on there along with your QR code and hand them out to everyone. When someone purchases a product you drop it in the bag so they now have all of your contact info. Its a necessity.

Connect with the other vendors// Walk around, introduce yourself, LISTEN to their information and give them your business card (and take theirs). This way you can have their information on hand for future potential events! It’s always amazing when entrepreneurs put their heads together.

Have pamphlets on hand// This way you don’t waste time chatting their ears off about everything we have. Even if you do have the conversation, most likely they are not going to think about it ever again unless they have some sort of information in their hand for later review. I use Alexx Dima Designs for allll marketing materials, her stuff bangs.

Make it your storefront!// Decorate your table to fit your vibe! I use this tablecloth and decor for whatever season it is. I always use my portable diffuser and diffuse whichever oil I am selling so people can smell before they buy. I don’t use the YL blankets and stuff. You totally can but I think half the fun is really being creative with your set up.

Follow up work// Sit down and gather all of the business cards you collected and file them away, add them to your prospect lists, whatever you do to capture info. Getting the information of people at events is SO important. Truly. Ask a small biz that you met if they want to host an event together? Do they know of any other vendor events? Can I add you to my education group? So many opportunities you have once you have their information in your hands.

Here I like all business materials from amazon you can grab. Super affordable ways to make a difference at your vendor events!

Now get out there and join the next local vendor event! I promise you will not be disappointed.

xx. meg

YL Post Partum + Newborn Life

|| MAMA ||

Progessence plus + endoflex eo. Pop a roller top on both of these baddies and roll on neck and thighs morning and night to get your hormones back to their normal scheduled programs.

Ningxia. Literally ningxia always. When you have a newborn you are running around taking care of them and absolutely forgetting yoursef, missing meals and shit. Ningxia is your new bff making sure you are getting your nutrients on the reg.

Valor + alll the emotional oils. Make sure you inhale and apply first thing in the morning. Put them where you can see them because you’re going to forget to use them if you can’t see them. The Great Day Protocol 3x’s/day is prob your best bet. 2 drops of Frank under the tongue at the same time as the Great Day.

Supplements. SO important. Keep taking your supps man. Alllll of them. Master formula makes sure you get them all in one dose.

2 T MindWise every morning


Thieves laundry soap to wash clothes + Thieves dish soap to clean bottles

lavender or gentle baby on dryer balls

Seedlings baby wipes

1 drop orange in a 2ml with coconut oil for gas

1 drop lavender in a 2ml dabbed on bridge of nose for an extra goopy eye – lasted a day.

Annointed head with frankincense and coconut oil

Seedlings baby oil for dry feet

No bath for a week, but when we bathed her – kidscents bath gel or seedling baby wash, and lavender lotion or seedlings lotion

Diffusing all day every day in our open spaces. All our usual fave oils.

Nighttime – 2 drops total. Gentle baby, frankincense, or lavender