Why Mondays Stink (+ what oils to use to make them stink less)


Let’s face it, they do. I can never pop out of bed Monday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter how many oily face masks I put on the night before. I often have trouble falling asleep Sunday night because my body has grown accustomed to my late-night shenanigans throughout the weekend and is like “oh you want to call it an early night tonight? lol Meg”. Once I do fall asleep my sleep is shit because I am thinking about the million and one things I am about to face tomorrow. I’m lolling because I usually wake up to my alarm mid dream on Monday mornings and that’s when you know your REM is beyond effed. I’m often confused and have to remind myself that it is a weekday and I can’t sleep in. Last night I had a dream I called out of work today and it was just beautiful. Morning alarm sounds. *shrieks*

So here is the thing, Mondays are always going to happen, like we can’t just cancel them. However, we can make a few adjustments to make them suck less perhaps? First is identifying the problem. In this case, we need to identify why they suck so bad.


Sleep is shit

oils: lavender, cedarwood, valor, northern lights black spruce, sacred mountain is my jam

You’re socializing and mingling all weekend, honestly it is exhausting. Especially with these football games, it’s like non stop then Monday comes and you’re like “shit I had like 8 loads of laundry to do and I didn’t even pack my lunch for today”. HELP.

Drop in that lavender oil baby and try your hardest to keep your sleep schedule as consistent as possible. I know this sounds impossible but that is truly how you will get your best quality of sleep. We need sleep for absolutely everything. Our skin cell regeneration, our mental health, metabolism, our sanity and so much more. I’m a miserable bitch when I’m lacking sleep, it’s not fair to those around me. So I’m going to try and stick to my sleep schedule as much as I possibly can. This should be fun.


You eat like crap on the weekend

oils: peppermint and lemon not only curb your appetite but they help cleanse your system when added to capsules

We tend to let ourselves go on the weekends, or at the very least not be as attentive to what we eat as we are during the week. This puts your body into a tailspin, so when we return to the week day diet on Monday after stretching our stomachs all weekend we feel like complete and utter shit. Mondays man.

I am out of friggin shape so what I am determined to do is get back to where I was a year ago. I need to really focus on what I eat every single day, not just on the weekend and kick my ass into high gear. Meal prep is absolutely essential when it comes to this subject. Once I meal prep I’ll never have to buy lunch again resulting in weight loss and a fat pocket.


Negative mental state of mind 

Oils: anything citrus will help you hone in, get focused and stay positive

Get out of your own head. Mondays come with a bad state of mind and rightfully so.

If we can somehow change the negative thoughts around Monday and look at it as a clean slate. Maybe you want to challenge yourself Sunday night to be as prepped as you can for Monday so it isn’t such a fucking circus in the morning. We are already zombies, let’s make this as mindless as possible people. Give yourselves a break.


Here are a few things I suggest to make your Mondays a tad bit better

  • Save one of your favorite episodes that you usually watch on Sunday for Monday. This way you have something to look forward to.
  • Plan a girls dinner for Monday night.
  • Plan your outfit the night before. Plan everything the night before so you aren’t sleepwalking around your house, cursing and kicking shit come morning. Hell you might even be able to sleep in a bit.
  • Blast your music in the morning! Wake it up baby!
  • Eat Breakfast!


The Oily Biz/My Story

Picture it, Christmas of 2017, freshly married. Jerry gets me a set of Essential Oils from Amazon *shrieks* and a diffuser. No joke I spend the whole day researching all of the uses, diffusing the lav, adding the frank to my face. I never really felt much of a difference but in my head I knew I was stepping in the right direction. I gave it time and used them here and there. No significant results.

Fast forward April 2018 on a bachelorette party for my friend Kate. I needed to borrow deodorant and her sister Tre lends me hers (this is my like second time meeting Tre but I mean what can I say, she’s generous). I was like YO what is this. Turns out it’s Young Living’s deodorant. So we get to talking and she’s telling me about Young Living and I’m like cool but let’s put the deodorant on and get f’d up tonight, we’re on a bach party and the stripper is on his way. Anywho, the next day on the boat we get to talking again about oils and she tells me about YL. She also tells me how this is her passion and even her career. It takes me 2 months to reach out to her and be like “okay I am ready.” The rest is history. I have absolutely no idea what I was doing living without these oils. They are 100% from the earth, no additives whatsoever which means that they work. They work people. I wouldn’t waste my time on them for no reason.

So here I am posting about my oils on my Instagram and getting so much response. I was truly just sharing them, learning and chatting about them. After a few months of people inquiring and me simply answering questions I finally posted the Premium Starter Kit and I sold 2 kits on a hot August summer night. Tre texted me in the morning and was like holy shit dude. I was like let’s friggin go. I can love these AND make money off of them?! I had an event with literally just my family there, no sales at all but they had previously bought the kit from me because I mean, they’re my family. I had more and more events, kit sales and group chats. I soaked up absolutely everything I could from the business groups, duplicated and utilized Tre in all ways I possibly could while adding my own business twists and techniques to it. I friggin LOVE connecting with people. I love helping people. This business is simply that, it is just an added bonus that you can make a career out of it. So here I am at Executive level aiming for Silver by summer. I just put that out into the universe so it has to happen now!

In conclusion, if you are interested in this business, the possibilities are endless. The resources offered are endless. The community we have is unbreakable. I am truly blessed that the universe brought me here because this is what I am meant to do. ANYONE can do this business. The product sells itself, so if you utilize your resources, love and share, and learn as much as you can about the business you too will succeed.

An ode to Tea Tree


This was the second oil that I fell in love with. Lavender being the first and Valor being the third. My dandruff led me to the little miracle antifungal essential oil, tea tree. This oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree (obviously) and is used as an antifungal. The benefits are unbelievable, hence the reason I decided to write up a whole article on it. Check it out guys.

Dandruff: Add to shampoo. I struggle with this bad in the winter.

Hair growth: Helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish your roots. A healthy scalp promotes hair growth.

Acne: Add to face moisturizer or use directly. I apple directly to my pimps. Tea tree is known to heal acne scars as well.

Dry skin (eczema): Tea tree has been shown to be more effective than zinc oxide and clobetasone butyrate creams in treating eczema.

Infections, cuts and wounds: Apply directly with a carrier oil to the wound. Since this is an anti inflammatory, it should help prevent any infection and reduce scarring.

Red blotches: My coworker gets these and she swears by the thieves and the tea tree combo.

Lice: Add to hair products as a preventative or apply directly to rid those little buggers.

Vaginal infections: Add to coconut oil and apply around the area (you know what area I’m talking about, don’t make me say it). If you get chronic yeast infection,s I would apply every other day.

Toothache: Apply directly to the tooth! Swear. That and copaiba which comes in your starter kit. Another crowd fav.

Sore throat: Gargle, throat spray, topically. Do what you gotta do to survive man.

Ear infections: rub it around the ear. You could even dab some on a cotton ball and lay on ear. Not kidding, it’s like a miracle for adults and children. I add some purification to it as well.

Congestion + cough: Add it to a steam bath or place head over steaming pot that contains tea tree and eucalyptus.

Athletes foot: Gotta thank Jerry for this. He made himself a little concoction and it works wonders.


Let me know all the way in which you use your tea tree pleaseeeee 🙂

YL Oily Gift Ideas (that won’t break the bank)

oil holiday

So obviously everyone is getting oily gifts from me this year. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU ARE SOMEONE ON MY NICE LIST THIS YEAR. For the rest of you guys, it can be tough giving out oily gifts for Christmas because you don’t even know if that person has a diffuser! Worry no more, here are some ideas for you to spread the oily cheer without breaking the bank and having to worry about the receiver being confused on how to use. No diffusers required here.

Christmas Spirit Essential Oil

You can gift this as is for those with diffusers or you can make a room spray! 

This oil is ten bones and I am absolutely obsessed with it for Fall and Winter time feels. You can grab a ton of these and make room sprays as gifts for your loved ones.

Room spray:

  • 20 drops of Christmas Spirit
  • 3/4 distilled water
  • Fill the rest with witch hazel

Pine Essential Oil Room Spray

The ultimate Christmas scent. Especially for those who have a fake tree or no tree at all! 

  • 20 drops of Pine
  • 3/4 distilled water
  • Fill the rest with witch hazel


YL soaps are around ten dollars a pop and last quite some time. I LOVE giving these as gifts.


Grab this kit! With recipes and supplies six people to each make three items—lotion, spritzer, and lip balm—you no longer have to travel from craft store to craft store for your projects. Simply grab your favorite essential oils from your collection, and the kit has everything else! Plus, the set comes with even more goodies, including magazines, recipe cards, and gift bags. This kit is made for an oily event but I am going to buy this and make gifts myself to give to people. SUCH a steal for $25.


Tied a Christmas tag to the bottle listing all the different uses

  • Creates a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere when diffused to support a relaxing nighttime routine. Rub on your feet and spine before bed.
  • Helps maintain the appearance of youthful skin and healthy-looking hair. Drop it in your hair products and mascara!
  • Has skin-cleansing properties. Add to your Skin products!
  • Is a natural deodorizer.
  • Includes naturally occurring constituents that are high in sesquiterpenes.


Lavender vitality

WHO DOESN’T NEED LAV?? I paired this with a loofah and a DIY bath scrub

  • Improves sleep quality for occasional sleeplessness. Rub on your feet and spine before bed.
  • Supports general wellness. Drop in your water!
  • Helps maintain the appearance of youthful skin and healthy-looking hair. Drop it in your hair products and mascara!
  • Contains cleansing and antioxidant properties.
  • Helps ease occasional nervous tension.


Peppermint vitality

Tied to a Christmas coffee mug with a list of uses and put a chocolate bar in the mug

  • Supports gastrointestinal system comfort.
  • Enhances healthy gut function.
  • Maintains efficiency of the digestive tract.
  • May support performance during exercise.
  • Reduces feelings of discomfort after large meals.
  • Provides a refreshing, minty flavor to food and beverages. Also keeps you from overeating in the first place!


Lemon vitality

Tied to a Christmas coffee mug with a list of uses and added a tea bag to the mug

  • Provides an invigorating citrus flavor. Add to your water or tea!
  • Has antioxidant properties.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Provides circulatory support.
  • Contains cleansing properties. Add to your skin care products!

Rose ointment

SUCH a versatile gift. I always have this on me, applying to my lips, face, hands and arms throughout the day. It’s seems as though it’ll never run out.

Lip Balm Set

I know it sounds like a not-so-genuine gift but I am telling you these are the best chaps I’ve ever used in my life and I know your loved one will feel the same. I use them literally every single day.

Bath Bombs

Same with these bad boys. You can grab a bag of them and gift them individually with your lavender vitality if you want!

Charcoal Soap

Cheap, amazing and will pair well with your bath bomb and lav theme. 😊


Happy Holidays!

Xx Meg

The Oily Life: My Story

“Welcome to the good life” – Kanye West.

young living

I’ve always been obsessed with essential oils. My husband bought me my first set off Amazon and I absolutely loved the smells as they diffused through my home. I knew oils were supposed to help me out with my skin, hair, immune system, etc. but I wasn’t seeing any results. My friend Tre introduced me to Young Living. This company produces 100% seed to seal natural oils, which is why they are costlier then those brands that are sold on Amazon. I tried to make the Amazon oils work, but reading more into Young Living, I was ready.

The day I decided to purchase the YL Starter Kit was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Trust me, I know this sounds cheesy and not like me at all, just bear with me here. I started using them right away, creating rollers for everyday causes. My sleep was way off due to everyday stressors so that was the first to improve. My allergies diminished, my dandruff ridded (tea tree is an anti-fungal miracle worker), my curly fro improved tenfold. I haven’t had a sinus infection in years which is INSANE for me. The more I saw results, the more product I tried. My overall well being has improved. One day I hope to start a family and you bet your ass I’ll be using YL’s kid line. I’m sure you’ll catch it on one of my 827 oil insta stories. Apologies in advance people but this shit is too good not to share. 😊

To join the my oily team, click the link below and grab your kit!

Sign me up baby!