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How to promote your event ✨

Text/message those who you think would be interested and add them to the FB event or send them the zoom link. Keep it personal and let them know why you think they would benefit from the class.

Post a pic on your personal wall with YOU (not a graphic) in it describing how oils have changed your life and ask who wants an invite. Post zoom link in comments for easy reference and right before the class comment on the pic.

Insta stories create so much engagement! Post the graphic but most importantly SHOW YOUR FACE! Hop on your stories and be like “yo tonight we are educating on this, come, all are welcome, etc. This is how such and such has changed my life and I want it to change yours.”

Send an email to your downlines right from your Virtual Office letting them know the details of your event.

If you are including a giveaway, post about that too! Might catch someones eye.

Keep a list of the definites and text them to remind them prior to the event. For example, for a zoom I usually text them the link 30 minutes prior to the class start time so it is top of their mind.

Grateful for my Job.


I just need to take a minute and say how thankful I am for this business. I decided to not go back to my full time, secure 9-5 job – where every day was the same and I was clearly unhappy – to pursue this dream job called Young Living. It is hard to even say that it is a job because to me it doesn’t feel like it at all. Getting paid to help people better their lives is just something else. Truly my calling I am so serious. I was SO nervous about not going back to that secure position but I wanted to stay home with my son and watch him grow into the little cutie that he is. It was a crazy transition and I worked my ass off but I made the right decision.

Here I am sitting here on vacation working here and there because the flexible hours are a BLESSING. Truly. I mean it is not easy building this business, it is hard work and you have to hustle for sure but IT IS POSSIBLE. Here I am doing it and I am just your average human. There’s ups and downs and highs and lows but this community and business is SO worth it.

Monthly Oily Business Planning

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If you are a part of this business, you know that the opportunities are endless. If you are just starting off – welcome, you are in for a real treat. We do what we love and we get paid for it. Seriously how amazing is that? I work from the comfort of my own home making my own schedule. It absolutely does not feel like work to me and I am forever grateful I chose this life.

Now these are the ways in which I plan my month. I want to reiterate that this is YOUR business and you can run it however you want! However, I have found that these business basics have helped me to build and create the amazing community I currently have and you know how the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!


Starting off each month

Each month your OGV goes back to 0. Don’t be discouraged! You’ll get back to where you were and then some. This is why we strive to get our downlines on ER, so that your OGV jumps back up and our downlines keep on ordering. How do you get them on ER? Keep them educated. All they know is the starter kit, right? We know YL is so much more. We will get to sharing in a few.

Now you want to see where you are, where you need to be and how you are going to get there.

How? Log into your account and check out your virtual office. Click on rank qualification. Select which rank you are working towards and scroll down. There you will see how what you need in order to get there. This is also where you can see the commission received for each rank. Take some time to explore your VO guys, there is a plethora of resources and helpful information in there.

Now we plan!

How are you going to get there? Do you need another leg? Set some goals.

Here is an example of how my goals look pretty much every single month. I am currently running for GOLD so I am really focusing on one leg that needs some love and will get me there. Your goals will depend on your rank and where and how you are trying to build, etc.

Regardless of what your goals look like, WRITE THEM DOWN. Seriously hang them on your wall. Mine are in my planner so I come face to face with them every day. I’m a planner freak. Your Virtual Office will keep you on your toes as well as it tells you how much you need to hit each rank for that month per my previous post. I am constantly checking that.
– Sell 6 kits
– Get 10 on ER
– 2 events
– Find another business leg
– Grow gold leg by 2k


Set a date for a class!

That is the hardest part! Keep it simple and have a kit handy so that the people attending can check it out. Don’t want to host alone? Team up with someone who loves oils just as much as you do. Have them invite their friends as well. Whatever you do, JUST DO IT. Even if you do not sell kits, you are staying relevant, keeping people educated, and gaining new prospects. I’ve had a ton of people hop on ER at my events and to me that is just as rewarding as slinging a kit.

Keeping it simple.
These events can cost you next to nothing. Have some wine and a few apps out. I find the less extravagant and laid back the better. Sometimes I will literally tell people to come in their pajamas.

Whatever we make – body scrub, lip balm, room spray, etc. – I make sure that we are incorporating the starter kit oils so that they are more inclined to learn more and grab the kit. For those guests at your events who already have the kit, have all of your other YL products out so they can learn more about them and hop on ER!

Search the groups!
If you search in any of the business groups you will find so many class ideas that have been previously used. Make them your own! The resources that are provided to us by this wonderful community are insane so use them!

Create content

Love and share consistently! I really cannot stress that enough. Even if it is every other day you are posting about these oils, post away. Your followers will find it hard to trust you if you are just posting once in a blue moon or post a ton then stop. Stay consistent! For every oil post, have 5 personal posts that follow so you aren’t overloading your viewers and they are getting to know your genuine self as well.

We know that we use YL every day in every aspect of our lives but our friends on social media do not. What I do is make sure I snap a pic each time I use one of my YL products so I can have content for each day.

Keep it personal.
Use your own pictures and experiences. The more relatable you are the better. I see so many girls posting MLM products that are simply graphics and it is such a turnoff to me. In my mind I assume they don’t even use the product because they don’t even have a picture to prove it. Using personal imagery also makes it feel so much less salesy (because it isn’t salesy, its genuine). Like I am actually applying my Frank to my face right now and you bet your ass I am snapping a pic to share on my insta story. Why not?? Frank has changed the game for my skin. It’s literally RUDE not to share how amazing these are. Everyone needs oils guys.

Get a thick skin.
There are haters out there and I get it. You might’ve even been a hater at one point before you actually tried YL. Don’t let them get you down. Keep doing you, for real. Where have you ever gotten in life worrying about what others think of you? We aren’t hyping up leggings that we have never even tried on before, we are literally sharing the YL oils and products that we use and love every single day. I think of it this way, those who have time to hate on oils must be pret-ty miserable with themselves and have entirely too much time on their hands. I’m too busy building people up, I don’t have time to tear ppl down. You don’t need those people. Trust me.

Keep in touch!

Don’t just sell a kit to someone and then ghost them. Send them a welcome bag with a roller and a welcome email. Get them excited!! After all, they just spent a decent amount on a kit, they must be pretty serious about making this life change. Every single person who received the kit is overwhelmed and what happens when you are overwhelmed? You push it to the side for a rainy day (that never comes). Our job is to walk our downlines through the kit making it as simple as possible for them.

I always text them to make sure they got the kit, are in Love + Tansy and starting their journey the right way. I have a blog post that explains the starter kit in a pretty thorough way. I also send a brochure in my welcome bag that me and my talented bestie created.

Make sure your new downlines are not only in Love + Tansy but welcomed. Shout them out! Make them feel as welcomed as possible.

Don’t make it just about oils! Get to know them better. Become better friends, you have oils in common now! Also, by getting to know them you can see what oils or products could help them out. My downlines aren’t just my downlines, they are my friends. I have reconnected with so many people through oils and for that I am so, so grateful.

Prospects. WRITE THEM DOWN. For real, anyone who has ever expressed any interest in oils … write their name down. Invite them to your events. Alert them when you have a kit sale going on. Obviously don’t badger them because we in no way want to be pushy or salesy. But keep them on your radar. Comment something non oily on their posts. Just be you and be genuine.

Downline maintenance.

This is a necessity. Definitely the most tedious and time consuming, but a necessity nonetheless.

Run through your whole downline.
There are so many ways you can view your downlines too, by personally enrolled, date enrolled, etc. Explore by clicking the reports tab at the top!

Here are the things you are going to want to look out for.

☑️Who isn’t on ER, tag them in something you think they need. Shoot them a text and let them know if they need to reorder or order anything else they get everything at wholesale.

☑️Did everyone’s ER process for the month? If not, reach out to them and let them know!

☑️Make sure all your business legs hit 100 PV so that they can get paid their commission.

☑️Look to see who is making regular quick orders NOT on ER … did you know if you catch a quick order you can get it converted to ER? When you text/call them let them know “hey I noticed you just placed a quick order for 130 dollars ….did you realize if you change that order to ER you get money back in shipping??

☑️Is someone close to hitting a promo? Text them and let them know! Tell them to add on for the promo! Call them and let them know .. “did u know u can do x amount more and get free products?”

Run a kit sale!

Most of my personally enrolled downlines grabbed their kit during a kit sale. That is just what I have experienced so I make sure to run my own kit sales at least once a month.
You can run your own because you’re the business owner! That is the beauty of this business. What I do is usually offer a DIY or money back with the kit purchase and simply Venmo them upon purchase. All tax write offs!

I am currently offering the Rose Ointment back to the next three people to grab their kit from me. What I did was add 3 rose ointments to my ER for this month. It’s the same as offering $25 back except I am getting the ER points for it!

Canva is the bomb for creating beautiful templates and free so download that app and use away!


Finding your business legs

Be on the lookout for personally enrolled who love their oils and spend each month. These are the people who are going to want to join the business. I always reach out to them in the most genuine way possible letting them know that there is a business side of YL and if they are interested in learning more let me know and I can go through it with them. It isn’t weird or salesy. It’s legit my job. Why wouldn’t you want to bless someone with the same opportunity you were blessed with? Set up a 1-1 with them. People are busy so what I do is send them an email explaining to them the business side and the 100 PV monthly requirement.

Below is the email I send. Feel free to use!

Okay so here are the only requirements for you to be in the biz.
– Love and consistently share your oils (people are always watching and will reach out to you).
– Spend 100 PV monthly (you must do this every month in order to be considered “business” and rank up and earn the commission). You already so this so that should’t be a problem.
– Be willing to teach and educate your downlines. This is the easiest part because once you use oils you won’t shut up about them. Hosting wine nights, posting on your insta story, etc. So many ways to love and share. Plus you have a whole team of ladies behind you that will support you.
If you are interested, amazing. The opportunities are endless. This will be my full time career for sure. Welcome to financial freedom.

You get what you give

What you put into this business is what you are going to get out of it. If you are hoping to pay a bill or two, you will prob spend a few hours a week on your business – and that is fine!

Everyone is different and moves at different paces. If you are like me and this is your full time job, you will treat it as such and put in the hard work and determination you would at any other full time gig.

Check out the compensation plan that highlights the ranks, incomes and average hours worked. I am currently running for Gold! These numbers are real. I know it is hard to believe but they are 100% real and absolutely attainable. Even the Royal Crown Diamonds are normal people just like us – they just worked their asses off and treated something that they love as a business.

My Why // The Sharing Side

Welcome to the good life – Kanye West.


My Why//

I had worked and busted my ass for so many years, went to college like I was supposed to, have mounds of student loans to show for it, bartended through college and so on and so forth. Grateful for my experiences because they made me who I am today but sitting in that cubicle after graduating from college was suffocating. I felt trapped and I couldn’t stomach the thought of being there for the rest of my remaining years. Not for me. Not for many.
Finding YL was one of the biggest blessings in my life thus far. I truly mean that. I hustled my ass off so that I didn’t have to return to that cubicle, so that I could stay home with my son, so I never had to call out of work or answer to the man again. That is still very much so a part of why I hustle my ass off and what lights my soul on fire. I also want financial freedom for my children and myself. I want a shore home, I want a mountain home my friends can use whenever they want. I have achieved so much in this business already and I have so much more to go and THAT makes my heart happy every single day. I do what I love. How many people can say that?  Join my team!

My Story//

Picture it, Christmas of 2017, freshly married. Jerry gets me a set of Essential Oils from Amazon *shrieks* and a diffuser. No joke I spend the whole day researching all of the uses, diffusing the oils and loving the smells but were they doing anything? No. See, we got married, bought a house and moved all in one year so I basically had a mental breakdown and my anxiety had come to a head. It was uncontrollable. I would’ve tried ANYTHING. I never really felt much of a difference with these amazon oils but in my head I felt I was stepping in the right direction. I gave it time and used them here and there. No significant results. I knew I loved the idea of oils and my anxiety had been crippling me so I kept at it for a bit. Again, amazon oils. No results. I needed something. Started to think this oil craze was bullshit.

Fast forward April 2018 on a bachelorette party for my friend Kate. I needed to borrow something (still can’t remember what it was til this day) and her sister Tre lends me hers (this is my like second time meeting Tre but I mean what can I say, she’s generous). I was like YO what is this. Turns out it’s a Young Living product. So we get to talking and she’s telling me about Young Living and I’m like cool but let’s get ready and get shitfaced tonight, we’re on a bach party and the stripper is on his way. Anywho, the next day on the boat we get to talking again about oils and she tells me more about YL. She also tells me how this is her passion and even her career. It takes me 2 months to reach out to her and be like “okay I am ready.” The rest is history. I have absolutely no idea what I was doing living without these oils. They are 100% from the earth, no additives whatsoever which means that they work. They work people. I wouldn’t waste my time on them for no reason. Unlike my amazon oils I am applying them, ingesting them, using YL’s cleaning products, like this life is GOOD.

So here I am posting about my oils on my Instagram and getting so much response. I was truly just sharing them, learning and chatting about them. After a few months of people inquiring and me simply answering questions I finally posted the Premium Starter Kit and I sold 2 kits on a hot August summer night. Tre texted me in the morning and was like holy shit dude. I was like let’s friggin go. I can love these AND make money off of them?! I had an event with literally just my family there, no sales at all but they had previously bought the kit from me because I mean, they’re my family. I had more and more events, kit sales and group chats. I soaked up absolutely everything I could from the business groups, duplicated and utilized Tre in all ways I possibly could while adding my own business twists and techniques to it. I friggin LOVE connecting with people. I love helping people. This business is simply that, it is just an added bonus that you can make a career out of it. So here I am at Silver leader hustling my ass off for Gold. I want financial freedom for me and my family and it’s absolutely going to happen. I am a force.

In conclusion, if you are interested in this business, the possibilities are endless. The resources offered are endless. The community we have is unbreakable. I am truly blessed that the universe brought me here because this is what I am meant to do. ANYONE can do this business. The product sells itself, so if you utilize your resources, love and share, and learn as much as you can about the business you too will succeed.

Join my team!

If You’re Not Scared, You’re Not Growing

f scott

I’ve had to say this to myself so many times. I’ve said this very same thing to so many others. The third or fourth time I used this phrase to talk one of my friends off of a ledge, I was like holy shit I am getting this tattooed on my body. That and “This Too Shall Pass”. Right on top of my cool foot tattoo I got in high school.

Everyone has their own set of fears. Social anxiety, public speaking (me), hosting a class, traveling alone. It’s so easy to avoid these situations by saying “it’s just not my thing”, “I don’t have that type of personality”, or “no chance I’ll be able to hit that goal”. So here’s the thing, that is not you talking honey buns. That my friend, is fear.

Imagine if everyone stayed in their comfort zone. Like holy shit, nobody would like their jobs, so many friendships just would never even have the chance to happen. There would be no sense of accomplishment in your life, and worst of all you would not be growing.

I have to travel alone to the Dominican Republic for work tomorrow and I’ve been dreading it. I’m an extrovert so the fact that I’ll be essentially living alone for a week sounds like hell. What really makes me anxious is the traveling part. Not only to a place I’ve never been before, but the actual airport gives me agita. Why? I have no idea, but currently it is one of my fears I have to face in order for it not to be a fear anymore. Maybe I started to get used to my husband travelling with me. Maybe I am afraid I’ll miss the flight and be stuck there forever (dead ass serious, my thoughts). Public speaking makes me want to stroke out. Again, no clue why. I could talk a stranger into a coma but when all eyes are on me I get all weird. Putting myself out there to share my love affair with oils made me feel things in the beginning but like I tell my oily friends, it would be rude not to share them! I remember my first event not too long ago I was like holy shit why am I nervous? This is my home? I still get a little nervous before all of these fear triggering situations but in the end I always look back like, why the fuck did I waste so much energy being so nervous? In the end I grew and these fears became not so scary after all.

So that leads to my conclusion. Whatever you fear, do it. Fucking make yourself do it. You can literally do anything. Afraid to present at a meeting? Volunteer to do it. Figure out coping mechanisms. Pretend the friggin room is naked. Scared to take the job with a higher pay because you don’t think you can live up to the expectations? Take it and work your ass off. The house you’re in love with is (slightly) out of your budget and you don’t know if you can afford it? Buy it. If you need a second job to afford it, get one. Everything works out in the end and the fear always passes.

Remember, on the other side of fear is growth and that sense of accomplishment always outweighs fear.