My Oily Labor Plan


Going on baby number two so this whole article has been updated! My God do you learn a lot after becoming a mom. SHEESH.

I had such an amazing experience (though definitely wild and at times painful) during labor with jj.
Thank you Jesus for YL. Having those tools- It totally put me in such a mindset, I felt powerful af. YL has SO many tools to make your labor unforgettable, manageable and amazing.


I overpacked HUGE time with JJ. This time I am taking on the minimalist approach so I can fit all of the hospital supplies I will be taking home with me in there.

◖ Oils/diffuser
◖ Labor playlist
◖ Chapstick and lavender face spray
◖ Crappy flops for shower
◖ Blanket
◖ Your own towel
◖ Snacks – mints to keep your mouth moist during labor
◖ Shampoo, condition, lotion, etc.
◖ Hair ties and headbands
◖ Cotton t-shirt dress/nightgown
◖ Sports bra for your sore boobies
◖ ipad.   

◖ going home outfit

◖ Comfy socks
◖ Extra long phone charger

◖ Wine for a victory cheers (and wine opener)
◖ Water bottle with lid

Baby going home outfit.

Also – TAKE EVERYTHING FROM THE HOSPITAL. They want you to. If you’re formula feeding take all of those bottles too.

Lav & Peace+Calming//

Apply a few drops on your belly to help calm you and baby down. You can diffuse Peace + Calming or apply directly to your chest. I have my oil and roller form of P+C I’ll be bringing with me.

Use this combo if you are dealing with restless leg or if you simply can’t get comfy enough to snooze.

This routine not only calms you on the way to the hospital, it can even slow down early labor.

Alsooooooooo, these are to be used on baby when the little nugget is fussy as all hell.

lav and pc

Encouraging Labor//


This million dollar bottle is a freaking miracle. Once labor begins, apply this as a perfume or simply drop into hands and inhale. The smell will keep you calm and happy. It smells like a dream.

[ I have been wearing it as a perfume all week in hopes of labor about a week early ]

Jasmine has antidepressant and antibacterial properties. It is also known to be a sexual stimulant.

Already a YL member? You can use your reward points to grab this oil. It’s a bit pricey so treat yourself. SO worth it.


Diffusing During Labor//

Okay so check with your hospital to see if you are allowed to diffuse in your room. I am delivering at Lankenau and have yet to check but you bet your ass I am bringing my Orb diffuser and hoping for the best. This little guy is small but powerful. If you don’t have it yet, add it to your ER because you are truly missing out. I currently use it in my car.

Anywho, here is your diffuser recipe to bump during labor …

(4 drops of each)
🌱 Lavender
🌱 Frankincense
🌱 Ylang Ylang
🌱 Roman Chamomile

diffuser orb.jpg

Labor Roller//

Mix the following oils with carrier oil in a roller for when labor starts. Massage into the your inner ankles, on little toes, little fingers, lower back, and abdomen. These oils will help regulate and keep you focused during the most amazing job you’ll ever have.

🌱 Helichrysum- 4 drops
🌱 Fennel – 4 drops
🌱 Peppermint – 2 drops
🌱 Ylang Ylang – 6 drops
🌱 Clary Sage – 3 drops

labor roller zoomed


In my research I have found that this guy is a key player during labor. I mean I am obsessed with Frank anyway. This is my yoga oil. Centers and calms. I often drop frank into the palms of my hands and inhale deeply, then I rub it all over my face for wrinkle prevention.

So when you are going into labor, if you remember, one drop of frank around your vaginal opening. Your babe is going to come out zen AF.

I also recommend placing a drop on your newborns forehead to welcome he/she into the world.



Apply four to six drops on wrists, chests, and back (or bottom of feet). You’ll want to love on valor during transitional labor and pushing. This is no shocker to me as we all use valor to calm our nerves, anxiety and halt panic attacks.

**If you are feeling super anxious, directly inhale valor, breathing long and heavy, in and out. I don’t recommend diffusing it because it knocks my ass out at night for bed and I don’t want to feel sleepy when I’m supposed to be pushing.

Strength + Focus//

If you are pregnant – grab these now!

🌱 Brain Power: Apply two drops on neck and throat

🌱 En-R-Gee: Hate the smell of this oil so I am applying to the bottom of my feet. If you don’t mind it, apply to wrists and back of neck

🌱 Ylang Ylang: Apply to hands and feet to advance labor. Keeps your blood pressure from spiking through the roof. I friggin love this oil.

mental strength

Cool Down, Mom//

So from what I hear the pushing is going to make me cry, sweat, puke, and more and I cannot wait. LOL

I have these dry face masks from amazon I am going to use as neck and face cloths to cool me down during labor. Bring a bowl with you so your partner (give them something to do) can add cold water to it along with these masks.

This is what you want to add to your dry face masks.

(10 drops of each)
🌱 Jasmine – there it is again! Love you, Jas.
🌱 Roman Cham
🌱 Geranium
🌱 Lavender – I am using 20 drops of lav. Obsessed.

face cloth

The Afterbirth Blend//

Make yourself an afterbirth roller with the following oils and carrier oil to rub on your abdomen after birth. This will help expel placenta and tone the uterus. Who doesn’t want that?

Each of these oils are super uplifting too. You’ll feel amazing.

(10 drops each)
🌱 Geranium
🌱 Lavender
🌱 Jasmine

The Bon Voyage Kit//

This miracle bag of goods takes care of about 90% of my needs at the hospital. Check out everything it includes.

Amazing for travel too! I’ll use this no matter where I travel now. Add it right to your ER!

bon v

pack your friggin ningxia//
I adore this supplement. If you aren’t drinking it you’re insane, please read on.
Can you eat 100 oranges, 814 blueberries, 22 medium carrots, 10.85 lbs spinach, 59 broccoli florets, 73 med. strawberries, and 93 apples? No? Then just drink 1 packet of Ningxia. I’m not kidding you, it’s equivalent to all of that. ⁣
Ningxia Red has helped my family through digestive stuff, pregnancy, my spacey-ness, when we’ve been under the weather, when I crave sweets… so many things.
It has helped in keeping me regular and my levels balanced throughout pregnancies.
Anyway, have some packets ready for you to drink after labor to recover and give your body allll the things.

Clary Sage//
You are going to want to bring this bottle – SUCH a key player in all the things for labor.
Basically if you want to speed up your labor
To increase and strengthen contractions//
Clary Sage applied around the inside of the ankles and internally as needed, eg.
1 drop every half an hour
Dilation, if delayed//
Clary Sage, use orally 1 drop every 15 minutes or 6 drops and see what happens
over the next couple hours, then repeat if necessary.
Blood Pressure
If too low or too high during pregnancy or birthing//
AromaLife Blend, I drop on the heart and inner wrist
Clary Sage lowers if too high!
May be an image of text

Prep those bathroom baskets //
So you are going to take a tonnnnn from the hospital so grab a basket for each bathroom in your house. You can keep your mesh undies, tucks pads, perinatal bottle etc. in them. Easyyy button!!!
 make padsicles!
Link below has a ton of stuff from Amazon you can grab.


So I’m bringing this babe into the world right smack dab in the middle of flu season.

Thieves. Bring the oil, the spray, the antibacterial gel, the roller for you.

Don’t feel like a bitch when your aunt comes in and tries to kiss the brand new baby. Tell her to give it a little due to flu season. I’m sure she will understand!

Having the spray on hand is such an easy way to keep everyone on their toes as soon as they walk in the door.

May be an image of cosmetics

3rd trimester tea//
If you are reading this you are most likely prepping for labor. get you some 3rd trimester tea. this stuff is formulated with organic herbs traditionally used to to nurture third trimester bodies and to prepare for labor.
There's a Pregnancy Tea For That! - Thrifty Nifty Mommy


🌱 Claraderm: I’ve been spraying on my lady parts since week 33 to prevent tearing during labor. This is also used after labor to help your lady parts recover.

🌱 Linen Spray: I want to make myself as comfortable as possible and there’s nothing that scream my bed more than lavender sheets and pillows.

🌱 Tender Tush: This is what I have been using on my stomach and bum to prevent stretch marks where my body is stretching the most. I’ve grown to love the way this deeply hydrates my skin and I now use it all over.

claraderm and othersMay be an image of indoor

Good luck, Mom! YOU GOT THIS.

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