2nd Trimester: It really is all it’s cracked up to be.


What a breath of fresh air. Holy friggin shit. Dare I say I like being pregnant? [JK, that was my hormones]

That is, if your nausea and fatigue symptoms have passed. Condolences if they haven’t. I said it before and I will say it again, you deserve an award. It’s true hell.

Now that my energy is back I’m sure Jerry wants me dead because I am in nesting mode, updating and repainting every room in the house to prepare. In my mind, I’ll be immobile in my third trimester and after birth I’ll be a slave to my newborn. Why not barrel down the hatches now?

First child pregnancy is amazing and boring all at the same time. My sleep schedule is impeccable. Well rested. No toddler to chase around. Self-care is happening on the reg. But on the other hand, it gets quite boring for that same exact reason. Before pregnancy, life was social. Very, very social. While I enjoy this chapter of my life, I’m uhmm limited.

God forbid you say pregnancy isn’t really your thing, people have strokes. Back it up Nancy, nobody said I wasn’t grateful. I’m beyond blessed and very aware of it. Just a tad bored. Plus, summer is around the corner and who doesn’t want a nice spritzer on the beach? [WARNING: I am saying what many people think, so if you’re offended please stop reading and I apologize, I am currently just as sensitive as you are. I get it.]

Here’s where it gets tricky. Now that people know you are pregnant, the comments are just…

At the same time you are in mom mode so your brain is all alert and sensitive and weird. If you try to explain to someone why you’re a tad bored of pregnancy from your point of view people try to find remedies for you – which is totally nice and normal – but you don’t want to hear it. Trying to explain to someone who is on their 5th beer that my outlet options are kind of limited is frustrating. Have another glass Nancy, I’ll be over here petting my stomach trying to stay awake while Kathy tells me the same story for the third time. *forced smile*

“What do you mean? Enjoy this time! Go to the gym!” Oh honey, I go to the gym and pamper myself when I’m not pregnant so buzz off. “You have to find a way to have fun without alcohol.” Ok Nance, you try going to a 30th birthday party where everyone is lit and you’re sober. “You’re not going to find out the gender?? You’re nuts!! Why would you not??” My own moms like, “well you know how you get.” Me? Mom, I’m perfect. Please.

Again, it’s not wrong of anyone to have these comments, I used to make them myself! I still do! People are truly, genuinely nice and trying to relate. However, you feel how you feel and it’s so much cooler when you find the person who’s like, “God bless ya hunny, it’s going to be a longgggg summer with that big ass belly and no cocktails.” My eyes light up. I’m like, “Giiiirrrllll let me tell youuuu about it. It’s been a long winter! Pull up a chair.”

Do what makes you happy! Don’t want to sit through a happy hour? Don’t! You know yourself way more than anyone else and now is not the time to do things you don’t feel like doing. Not the girl who can still hang pregnant? Who tf cares? I’m not. I yawn and want to put a face mask on and rub my stomach. Don’t care.

Also, you can totally have a glass of wine here and there. Weddings tend to be tiresome so have a glass of red and have it proud! Drink your 12 oz of coffee your allotted to (fking brutal – I do 6oz in the am and 6 I the afternoon), eat your cooked sushi. Do friggin you. Now a day’s society makes you think you can’t even fart without your kid coming out with 4 eyes. Just relax. An uptight momma means an uptight baby. I am so blessed to have the doctors I do at the McConnell division. They’re so down to earth. “I mean yeah avoid seafood like swordfish but I mean have you ever even had swordfish? Exactly.”

I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune once the little babe arrives. I really can’t wait for that. To raise a little human is truly the greatest, most powerful gift you can ever give. These posts are just how I feel now. Writing them for myself and for those who feel the same. May you never stifle your voices. Your emotions are just as important as the glowing pregnant girl who wants 10 kids and can’t wait to carry them all. Power to her too! You kill it bb.

Author: The Dimes Club

I thoroughly enjoy vino, my friends + family, amazon finds + creating apparel for my brand, The Dimes Club. Here you will find my random, scattered thoughts and obsessions on one website. Hopefully it is useful to you. Even if it isn’t, thanks for tuning in.

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