I just ordered, now what?

Well first off, welcome. Best move ever. Now that you have a log in you can grab whatever the heck you want from YL. It’s a beautiful thing right?

While you wait, grab the essential oils desk reference. This book has everything from ailments and what to use (not just oils) to every single detail about each oil including YL blends. I am telling you, it is worth the grab.

Now, if you grabbed oils you might want to get some rollers and carrier oils now off of amazon. You can find oily accessories here. I linked them all for ya! From portable diffusers to ingredients to make oily face masks – linked it all.

Make sure you are in our facebook education group, Thick as Thieves. There is SO much info in there it’s insane. If we are having sales or promotions, it’ll be listed right in there. Also follow my instagram account as I educate on YL products all the time.

Your order should be getting ready to be shipped! Keep an eye on it right in your account. Log in, click my account then order history.

Now when you start using and loving your YL people are going to want to know more. You have a referral link! No joke, it’s right in your account! Say someone is obsessed with our charcoal mask or wants to try our thieves cleaner, send them your link! Simply log in, hover My Account, click Account Details, then the Share YL tab. Have that link handy because I have a feeling a ton of people are going to want to grab YL from you. Once they see you start glowing they’re going to want to make the switch themselves.

There is a business side to this beautiful life that not all of us do, but the community we have that does share YL for a living is absolutely incredible. You are always welcome at our table. Join Thick as Thieves business to learn more. Please reach out to me as well! I am so here for it. This business has brought me home with my babies. I do it full time.

Lastly, buckle up and prepare for your skin to improve, your hair to grow, your immune system to improve, your emotions and so much more. Ya love to see it.

Author: The Dimes Club

I thoroughly enjoy vino, my friends + family, amazon finds + creating apparel for my brand, The Dimes Club. Here you will find my random, scattered thoughts and obsessions on one website. Hopefully it is useful to you. Even if it isn’t, thanks for tuning in.

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