Vendor Events (how to slay them)

I literally live for these. Most of our job is educating on social so when I have the chance to connect in person I’m like hell yes. You’re working side by side with like minded individuals like you and everyone is supporting small biz. What more can I say? It has taken me a few times to learn how to make the most out of them and I am still learning so I wanted to share with you!

Capture info// Always have a giveaway (a basket of goods at your table) these cards for everyone to fill out, a pen for them to fill out and a jar for them to drop it into to. This way everyone who fills the giveaway info out is a new prospect. You have their info! Even if you sell nothing you walk away with at least a dozen new prospects!

Sell some product!// People are at vendor events to purchase things not to listen to a presentation. I had Christmas Spirit oil attached to a ornament at my last event (sold that for $20, could’ve prob done $25), the next one I will have more such as peppermint vitality oils and thieves cleaning packets! This will get the product right in their hand. I have found that DIY goods never sell well for me so I’m veering away from the rollers and bath salts.

Business cards// Guys you need them. Put allll of your info on there along with your QR code and hand them out to everyone. When someone purchases a product you drop it in the bag so they now have all of your contact info. Its a necessity.

Connect with the other vendors// Walk around, introduce yourself, LISTEN to their information and give them your business card (and take theirs). This way you can have their information on hand for future potential events! It’s always amazing when entrepreneurs put their heads together.

Have pamphlets on hand// This way you don’t waste time chatting their ears off about everything we have. Even if you do have the conversation, most likely they are not going to think about it ever again unless they have some sort of information in their hand for later review. I use Alexx Dima Designs for allll marketing materials, her stuff bangs.

Make it your storefront!// Decorate your table to fit your vibe! I use this tablecloth and decor for whatever season it is. I always use my portable diffuser and diffuse whichever oil I am selling so people can smell before they buy. I don’t use the YL blankets and stuff. You totally can but I think half the fun is really being creative with your set up.

Follow up work// Sit down and gather all of the business cards you collected and file them away, add them to your prospect lists, whatever you do to capture info. Getting the information of people at events is SO important. Truly. Ask a small biz that you met if they want to host an event together? Do they know of any other vendor events? Can I add you to my education group? So many opportunities you have once you have their information in your hands.

Here I like all business materials from amazon you can grab. Super affordable ways to make a difference at your vendor events!

Now get out there and join the next local vendor event! I promise you will not be disappointed.

xx. meg

Author: The Dimes Club

I thoroughly enjoy vino, my friends + family, amazon finds + creating apparel for my brand, The Dimes Club. Here you will find my random, scattered thoughts and obsessions on one website. Hopefully it is useful to you. Even if it isn’t, thanks for tuning in.

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