Pregnancy Nausea

First Tri Nausea/Fatigue

God bless, it’s truly the worst shit ever. With JJ it was bad. It was all day flu like symptoms and I wouldn’t actually vomit, just nauseous and smell sensitive all damn day. Cringe at the thought. Anyway, moms going through it, I see you and I am praying for you, especially if you have another one to look after at the same time, it’s like ummm hellish. Here is what I did to get through. Everyyyyone is different so take this with a grain.


AROMARINGS. Praise the heavens above. I think I had one in my nose for 9 weeks. Literally GAME CHANGE. In your first trimester your sense of smell is INTENSE. They think that may be why we get so nauseous. Who knows. Everything I smelled from my fridge to Jerry cooking chicken made me want to literally DIE. The aroma rings were a lifesaveerrrrrrrrrr, when I was done with one I would put it in a plastic bag with peppermint oil so I could reuse.


Unisom at night. Sleeping pill, people say it helps with nausea. It could’ve eased it but idk honestly. This shit will knock you out but if you don’t think it’s working use Rutavala on your feet for sleep. I could not diffuse anything first trimester, that is literally how ill I was.


Super Vitamin B. Yo swear this is a game changer. I doubled my dose on this.


Ningxia + Club. Water was even an issue to get down so this I drank all day. This way I knew I was getting the nutrients that I was lacking by not eating. I froze my ningxia packets as well. Idk why it went down so much better that way.


Supplements. Wasn’t pretty getting these down BUT I took Master Formula which covers just about everything you need, a prenatal, and Life 9 because I was irregular thanks to hormones. Lmao wild.


Carbs + soup. All I could do. Wooooooo lord it was bad.


Lemons. Lemons in my water, diffused lemon and peppermint all day.


Digize on both belly and back morning and night. The smell is hard to take at this point but it did provide some relief. Peppermint on your tummy should only be avoided in the last tri so you good.


Spearmint oil on your thumb, apply to roof of mouth for some relief.


Peppermint behind my neck all day. Eucalyptus and lavender in the shower – idk why this did it for me.


Aromaease is one people swear by but personally I couldn’t stomach the smell. Try it though, everyone is different.


Red raspberry leaf tea is said to help but it didn’t help with me. *gag*


Keep saltines on you at all times. Eat them in the am before you get up.


Get the Gentle Babies book right the F now. It is INCREDIBLE for everything from pregnancy to toddler.

Fever cures for your littles ◗

I wanted to compile a list of moms of all different demographics to see what they do when they’re little one spikes a high fever. Here is what I came up with.

Motrin + tylenol around the clock (under 6 months should not take motrin)

Alsoooo many moms said start motrin only when fever hits 102/103 + which I get. Doctor actually said the same thing due to fevers being the bodys natural way of fighting off the virus.

⋒ Cold towel on neck.

⋒ Lukewarm baths.

⋒ Minimal clothing.

⋒ Liquids when they are with it enough to drink, force it.

⋒ Popsicles if they can take them down.

⋒ Call your mom! Panic and google! LMAO

YL remedies//

⋒ If the fever is over 103+ use motrin, otherwise …

⋒ peppermint + frank showers

⋒ Fever spray + roller (many recipes but most contain peppermint, frank, lemon and thieves)

⋒ Few drops of peppermint in bath

⋒ Peppermint neat on bottom of feet and spine (I do this often)

I just ordered, now what?

Well first off, welcome. Best move ever. Now that you have a log in you can grab whatever the heck you want from YL. It’s a beautiful thing right?

While you wait, grab the essential oils desk reference. This book has everything from ailments and what to use (not just oils) to every single detail about each oil including YL blends. I am telling you, it is worth the grab.

Now, if you grabbed oils you might want to get some rollers and carrier oils now off of amazon. You can find oily accessories here. I linked them all for ya! From portable diffusers to ingredients to make oily face masks – linked it all.

Make sure you are in our facebook education group, Thick as Thieves. There is SO much info in there it’s insane. If we are having sales or promotions, it’ll be listed right in there. Also follow my instagram account as I educate on YL products all the time.

Your order should be getting ready to be shipped! Keep an eye on it right in your account. Log in, click my account then order history.

Now when you start using and loving your YL people are going to want to know more. You have a referral link! No joke, it’s right in your account! Say someone is obsessed with our charcoal mask or wants to try our thieves cleaner, send them your link! Simply log in, hover My Account, click Account Details, then the Share YL tab. Have that link handy because I have a feeling a ton of people are going to want to grab YL from you. Once they see you start glowing they’re going to want to make the switch themselves.

There is a business side to this beautiful life that not all of us do, but the community we have that does share YL for a living is absolutely incredible. You are always welcome at our table. Join Thick as Thieves business to learn more. Please reach out to me as well! I am so here for it. This business has brought me home with my babies. I do it full time.

Lastly, buckle up and prepare for your skin to improve, your hair to grow, your immune system to improve, your emotions and so much more. Ya love to see it.

Slaying a Vendor Event

Make the most of your Vendor Events //

First off, these do not need to be salesy! Here’s what I recommend you do instead of the typical YL table cover and started kit display.

Go around your house and grab some flowers and home decor, use a black table cloth and make the space look like your home! Literally! People will feel like they are at your house listening and not at a weird demonstration where they feel pressured to buy.

◖ get it on the calendar – these are amazing and create SO many new prospects and customers
◖ if someone wants to place an order, have a sign up sheet where they enter all info handy so they don’t have to use the website right now and you can fill it out on your own time
◖ have your biz cards with QR code there and all info
◖ have a make and take where the person has to fill out a their name, email and social channel in order to make the item
◖ and/or have them fill out that same info sheet in order to win something!
◖ personally message your prospects and tell them where you will be so they can come chat
◖ have a portable diffuser going
◖ have info on the kits and curated bundles to show everyone the ways to order
◖ you can make brownies with peppermint or have seltzer and ningxia out for people to try!
◖ now follow up with all of your new contacts!

Staying Relevant (we’re all busy, sis) ◗

This is your business. Show up for it, every single day. Even when you literally can’t.

I am going to be real blunt for a minute and let you know that this is a place where I see many fall off. Imagine you see a friend of yours on social sharing about these products that have changed her and her familys life for the better.

You are intrigued but she kind of falls off and you don’t see her share about it again until the company is having a flash sale. Do you trust her? Absolutely not. It seems like she is in it for the loot right?

My point is, if you want people to trust you, you have to show up every single day. Whether if be one video/image of a product you used that day or a quick video of your kid applying their oils, show up. This is how you build trusting relationships and those trusting people will eventually purchase from you.

I am about to give birth to my second child and I know shit is going to hit the fan real quick over here so use these below tips to stay relevant when your plate is absolutely insanity.

≜ utilize our fb group content, info and images to post and promote

≜ old content is fine! repost it with a new caption to make it relevant to you today

≜ you’re overwhelmed and panicking – reach for your valor and/or cbd and document the shit out of it. make a personal post

≜ invite people on your wack journey! “alright guys i’m struggling but i’m going to share how i’m using my YL to get through this shit”

≜ lean on your team! what’re they doing? can you join in?

Making the most out of YL sales + specials ◗

For real guys they’re a gift to us to help us boost OGV. Use these gifts!

Let me tell you something, it is ALLL about the prep work here. If you follow the below steps you are sure to make the most out of it. Here is what I am doing.

Now this business is all YOURS and you can run it however you want but I love sharing what works for me.

Here is a checklist for you 👇👇👇

• Get on social NOW. Show your face in your stories. tell the world that YL is announcing something special and they are in for a reallllll treat. Create the hype.

• Prep your content. Get all of the details, prepare you insta stories, posts, etc.

• Send an email/text to your personally enrolled peeps the day of sale launch letting them know the details. Not everyone is as focused as we are so make sure you reach all of them in some way.

• Reach out to your non biz people to let them know they can also spread the word to people who might be interested in oils and they’ll get paid for it! What an amazing way to get them into biz, right?

• Go live the day of sale telling everyone about the new stuff. If you don’t want to go live, do a video on your stories! Best way to reach people and those outside of YL who might want to start oiling or take advantage of the sale.

• Carve out time the day of sale to do all of this. Sales are usually quick order and sell out quick so make sure at launch you are contacting and promoting and doing all of the things to make the most out of the sale. Get a sitter, go to Panera, literally whatever you have to do.

Your very own YL sale ◗

So basically since this is your own business you can run it however you like. Pretty awesome right? ⁣⁣What I like to do every so often is run kit sales as an incentive for fence sitters to finally make the purchase. If you want to run one you can do the same!

Here are some ideas .. ⁣⁣

• offer a $$ amount back and simply Venmo or PayPal them after they purchase the kit⁣⁣

• cover shipping + tax⁣⁣

• offer a sleepy roller (you can make with your own oils at no cost) with 100pv purchase

⁣⁣• an extra diffuser shipped straight from amazon to them⁣⁣

• account credits – simply hop on live chat and tell them how much you want to give them⁣⁣⁣! this way they are def buying again!

• jade roller from amazon – if you have prime then it’s literally like you hand delivered it to them⁣⁣

Sample Welcome Email ◗

HEYYY!!!! I am so excited for you to get your YL stuff!!

Okay, here are a few things you need to know!

First up – we have an education group for you to learn all about your YL products, it’s called Thick as Thieves (link)

+and here’s our sharing group called Thick as Thieves Business for when you wanna check that out! (link)

Next, PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!

I’m sending you a little “welcome kit” with some goodies to get you started!
My blog (link)
Upcoming events (list out)

When you run out of your favorite oil, or decide to try something new, make sure to pop that new item on Subscribe to Save! You can customize what you get, and even set it for when you need it (every month, or maybe every other, or every 3rd month!) – this will make sure you get your 24% discount (or, even easier, anytime you grab 100pv of goodies that unlocks your discount for a whole year hollaaaaaa)
OOH, and, when your Subscribe to Save order is over 50pv, you earn Loyalty Rewards! You then earn points for every purchase – and you can redeem your points for free oils (!!!) – I’ll fill you in!

Once you start using your product, your friends will totally start asking you about them. Trust me. It’s cray. When they do, you can help them grab their kit by sending them your referral link!It’s so freaking fun to learn about YL with your friends – and get paid for referring them! ❤️

If you wanna take a peek at what becoming a Brand Partner click the link below to peek around in our business group. (link to biz group)

If you ever have any issues with an order, PLEASE call or text me.
I can hop on LiveChat and figure it out for you. And if you have any oil questions, please call or text me with those too! If I don’t know the answer I will find out for you.

xx meg

I sold something, now what?!

YESSSSUHHHHH! Okay, first thing is first – make sure you are a Brand Partner! Super easy – hop over here and buy the Business Essentials Kit.
It is $29.95, and includes:

  • RISE booklet: a step-by-step guide with tips, training videos, and worksheets
  • RISE 90-day planner: a planning calendar for setting and tracking your business goals
  • RISE to Royal brochure: a guide through the perks that await you at every rank within YL
  • YL Insights card: a snapshot of how YL Insights can help you manage your business
  • Silver Bound flyer: a road map for structuring your team for success
  • 90-day trial to MyYL: a must-have for building your business website and sharing YL

It is SO, SO important to make sure our friends know how to use their products, and know where to get their questions answered. Here is what I do…

1. Send a welcome e-mail to them! (sample email)

2. Add them to our education group, Thick as Thieves!

3. Tag them in posts you think will help them.

4. I always send happy mail with little samples or even a roller in there, alwaysssss a welcome note to say hey welcomeeee!

5. Teach them to dream with their eyes wide open & see the potential of the biz! We have a group for that, add them right on in if they express interest. Business Group.

6. Now when we have sales, announcements, event, etc you can let them know! They are YOUR customer now.