How to make a sale ◗

This is my process from start to finish when it comes to helping someone buy Young Living. I’m going to list the basic steps first, then go back and elaborate if needed.

1. Post a story on Facebook about using oils/use oils in public/mention them when someone asks what I do for X, Y, or Z.

2. If someone comments on my post, I ALWAYS respond to them in the actual post. I answer the question and just start a natural conversation. I will also always post something like “I’ll shoot you a message!” and then I send them a PM.

3. Private Message (PM)/Text/E-Mail (see script below. But here is the thing… this is just a guide for you to create your own. You are just talking to a friend about something you love. DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS. Share from you heart. Change this “script” so it sounds like YOU. Your friends want to hear your experience and voice. And you want to help them! So don’t be a robot. HA!)

“Yo yo yo!! Have you used oils before too?”
“Yes, I use *insert crappy oil here* but I don’t really do that much with it. I wasn’t sure how to use it.”

“Oh cool! Yeah I got into oils about a year ago. I heard about them in a mommy group on Facebook and then did a ridiculous amount of research because I am kind of nuts about what I use on Grey. At the time he was only 3 months, so I wanted to make sure what I was using was safe. I ended up going with Young Living because of their Seed to Seal process. They LITERALLY control every single step in the process, so you can actually use them internally, as well as on the skin or diffused. It’s crazy because at this point we use them for EVERYTHING. Like have thrown out our medicine cabinet. What else have you been thinking of using oils for?”

^^ See, conversation. No pushy sales stuff, just a little info. NOW at this point, I just keep the conversation going. Does she want more sleep? I tell her what I use on myself and my family. Muscle aches? Panaway is awesome.
I just am myself. BE YOURSELF.

4. Your friend wants to get started with YL –  YAY!

They can order whatever they’d like – just send them your referral link or a custom bundle you made from your MyYL page!

If they want oils, the Starter Bundle is a great option! 

I say “Okay you wanna grab oils, girl get the starter kit. It is how everyone starts. It’s $165, has your diffuser, 12 oils you will legit use for alllll the things, some antioxidant (Ningxia Red!) samples, a Thieves Spray and Hand Sanitizer (throw them in your bag!) and you’ll be all set.”

If they wanna buy just a a few, then do the math for them! 

“Okay, what which ones? Let me grab you prices”

5. Break down the math. (I know, math, yuck, haha)

“Okay, so if I get you a lavender, panaway, and peppermint with my discount, your total will be $80.25 plus tax and shipping. Now that I’m looking at it, that is def not the best option. When I got started with oils, I got the Premium Starter Kit, and it has all 3 of those oils you want in it, plus 9 more, and a diffuser (which I literally use day and night), some of the thieves products, and a bunch of other goodies. It’s $165 (and wellllll over $320 value if you bought them all individually) so it’s kind of a no brainer based on what you want to try.”

“Duh, sounds awesome, how do I get it?”

6. Send them your link!

7. You made a sale!!!!! Congratulations!

YL Head Cold Remedies

▲ cbd muscle rub + thieves chest rub// on chest as needed to help resp support

▲ peppermint neat on chest and in scent tent a few times a day

▲ 4-8 oz ningxia daily – mix w kombucha in the morning and water and mightypro in afternoon. drink thru the day with water & liquid iv

▲ veggie capsule daily: 5 drops of thieves, 2 drops copaiba, 2 drops longevity

▲ 2 super b, vitamin c & d daily every morning

▲ euc radiata or really any decongesting oils in steamy shower at least twice a day. get that shit out of ya.

▲ hot water & turmeric at night w/ a drop of thieves eo

▲ inner defense a few times a day as needed (eat before taking this or your stomach gonna be ANGRY)

▲ throat spray with 10 drops each of clove, thieves, peppermint, and copaiba

▲ sniffleease along orbital bone and face to help with pressure

▲ diffusers running ALL DAY with thieves and frankincense

▲ at night diffusing eucalyptus rad, rc, raven, thieves and breathe again literally right next to your head

▲ wellness roller on bottoms of feet, spine, back of knees, wrists chest and neck. equal parts thieves, frank, lemon, and copaiba

▲ valor scent tent to calm

▲ NLBS or IBS on crown to raise frequency

▲ deep relief and aroma siez on chest and back at night and thru day for sore muscles

▲ purification around ears for declogging

▲ acceptance scent tent to help me not spiral out of control

▲ m-grain and pepp for head tension

▲ a SHIT TON of fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and greens limit dairy

▲ pure protein or balance complete with water because you prob don’t have an appetite

Pregnancy # 2

I was just telling a few of my friends who are hesitant to get pregnant with number 2 because being pregnant with number 1 was so effing overwhelming.

Let me explain how I feel.

So pregnancy with JJ (number 1) was tough for me. I went from partying and socializing and trips and friends all day every day to a complete 180 life change. I was sick af in the beginning which made me a tad depressed. It was a life change I was not ready for. I was excited to be pregnant but I also had no idea what I was in for so it was a wild ride. The unknown will get ya!

I am enjoying this pregnancy SO MUCH MORE than pregnancy number one.

With JJ my life completely changed, with this pregnancy I am already in mom mode. Jerry and I already hit the sheets at 10, we don’t stay out late on weekends anymore, like we are already in parent mode. No shell shock with this pregnancy. We actually are getting along better because we know what to expect (mood swings wise) and how to navigate certain situations.

Pregnant with JJ I had no clue what I was waiting for. I knew I was having a baby but I had no idea how much I would love this human so it was kind of underwhelming. I was like okay this long waiting game is boring and like why did I do this? I was excited to give birth simply to be done with pregnancy, I wasn’t exactly excited to meet this babe. This time I am like okay I am ready to meet youuuuuuuu!!!!! I am SO excited to meet this little human being.

I was overwhelmed with joy when JJ was born, not sure if it was an instant connect, my post partum anxiety was little much. It wasn’t chart topping anxiety but it was enough to not thoroughly enjoy newborn life. In fact, I hated it. I’m not sure if that is because I was too anxious to enjoy it? Probably. I have a good feeling that this go around I will be way more present and relaxed, taking in all newborn snuggles I can.

That is my take on pregnancy number two. I have about a month and half left and I cannot believe I have room in my heart to love another human but I trust that I will.


Loyalty Rewards is your very own custom “monthly wellness box” that you can fill with whatever you need and it shows up to your doorstep every month. It is the best EVER.

Loyalty Rewards is flexible – you can change your ship date, the frequency, and the products you add every month, with no minimum order. Need it sooner? Easy. Need to later? No biggie. You’ll love being able to customize exactly what comes to you each month based on your family’s needs.

The best part, though? You will earn Loyalty Rewards of 10-25% back to spend like store credit on whatever you want, when your order is 50pv or more. (I meaaaan, our fave red bulls-eye store only gives us 5% back!)
Easy peasy once you start switching out all your personal care and cleaning products to the non-toxic YL version! You’ll be getting rewarded for keeping your family healthy – SWEET.

It’s the best way to get clean, safe, and effective essential-oil infused products into your home, at the best value possible!

How to get going: hop over to, log in, start shopping, and click add to Loyalty Rewards for each item you want to add! You can manage your box from the My Loyalty Order tab/section.

Keeping your home stocked with your favorite products has never been easier!

I’m ready to start sharing, now how?

Easy! When someone asks you about your comfy leggings, you send them the amazon link right? Same deal here.

If you don’t have an account with YL yet, grab one with my link and sign up as a brand partner so you get the brand bundle sent right to your door and you can start making commissions right away.

Log into your account, click account details, click share YL and your link is right there ready to be shared. Your member number is already in there so for those who ask you about the CBD beauty serum you can’t stop talking about you can send them that link and they can order right then and there. Remember, in order for them to get the products at wholesale they need to with hit the 100pv (which unlocks free shipping too) or subscribe and save an item.

We have so many resources in our business group, thick thieves business »

Pop onto your social media stories! Probably the most casual and convenient way to do it. Be genuine! Share what works for you. We do not sell, we share from our heart. That is the beauty of this Young Living business.

Host an event! Maybe pair up with a yogi and have a yoga and oils class or host a make and take at your house. Anything to get educating and people together.

Make this business your own. You get what you put in 100% so with that being said you can share here and there and pay a few bills, you can make this your career and make a salary. Trust me, I am living proof!

Welcome to the best business ever. 

Where to begin? 

Start sharing ASAP! What is working for you? What is your story? Document your journey! This business of multi level marketing requires a huge heart, a need to share and a genuine soul. Social media is going to be HUGE in helping you get your word out so hop on today! No better tb ime to start than now.

Prospect List

Now people are always watching and they are going to start liking your stuff, commenting on your oily pics and DMing you interested in getting started. Jot them down! Below is my prospect template. Feel free to use it!

Prospect List Template


How to start sharing Young Living!

Post your origin story. What led you to YL?

These are my favorite YL products because … 

Show your face! Don’t just use graphics. You lose that genuine YOU touch. 

Document your journey from start to finish! Who doesn’t love to watch a transformation? 

Keep it genuine, keep it real. The 6-1 rule.

Though you will be super excited to jump into the business and start sharing, do not lose sight of you! Keep it real! For every 6 personal posts, make one of them oily. This way you don’t overwhelm or turn people off with just YL content and they get to know you. Your plants, your style, your family, your interests. That is the bread and butter of getting others to fully know and trust you, and that is when they get started with you. 


Hosting classes is essential in this business. Educate, educate and educate some more because there is SO much to learn, I still don’t know it all and I’ve been oiling for YEARS. That is the beauty of this business, by educating, you are learning as well. I host 4+ classes a month and they are a happy mix of in person, online, on FB, on my insta story, etc. It doesn’t matter how, when or where you hold a class, all that matters is that you do it. Your business will flourish. 

My calendar looks like this…

The beauty of this business is that you can run it however the heck you want. This is what my day to day looks like, feel free to use it as a start and make it your own as you go. We all are individuals who have different working styles so do what works for you! 

Monday – #mondayminis, host a mini class on your social channels 

Tuesday – #tiptuesday how to fill a diffuser, make a roller, etc. 

Wednesday – show a hack or diy! Make it different every week. 

Thursday – promote how to get started and check in on existing downlines. 

Friday – show a favorite must have product, maybe run a sale!

Saturday – Share a diffuser blend you love with the world.

Sunday – Host to class! 

Run a sale!

Did I mention this is your own business? L-O-L. Seriously though, you can run your own sales. Think of it as an investment to get people on board. Once they start using YL products, they are not going to stop. You can’t, they’re that good. How do you run your own sale? Offer a roller at purchase! Offer to cover tax and shipping by simply sending the money back via venmo or PayPal to the new customer. SO many ways to run a sale, get creative with it. 

Share the business side!

This is how you will grow a team of your own! Get out of your own way and share on social how this business has blessed you. It is a true blessing to everyone involved so to not share about it would be rude in my opinion.

This is your business. Show up for it, every single day. 

I am going to be real blunt for a minute and let you know that this is a place where I see many fall off. Imagine you see a friend of yours on social sharing about these products that have changed her and her familys life for the better. You are intrigued but she kind of falls off and you don’t see her share about it again until the company is having a flash sale. Do you trust her? Absolutely not. It seems like she is in it for the loot right? My point is, if you want people to trust you, you have to show up every single day. Whether if be one video/image of a product you used that day or a quick video of your kid applying their oils, show up. This is how you build trusting relationships and those trusting people will eventually purchase from you. 

How to get paid

In so many MLM’s you have to invest hundreds of dollars up front and keep product on hand. Young Living is HANDS DOWN the best when it comes to investing. Here is are the requirements to running this business and getting paid. 

Our product. 

Grab a business bundle and hit 100 pv a month.  

That is it. 

The New Features of YL (lit)

Guys, yes. YL is making it easy AF for us to share our clean living products and for us to to order with maximum benefits. Check out all of the changes.

Loyalty Rewards //

Formerly known as essential rewards. Nothing has changed here, it continue to be the best friggin move ever in the entire world. You order 50pv monthly, you get a discount that continues to increase the longer you are on it, free stuff each month, I mean.

Subscribe + Save//

You guys ready for this shit?? Who here orders often but isn’t on the monthly program because they don’t need (or want) to order monthly?? This goes without saying but you are missing out on the freebies that are offered monthly to those on the monthly program called loyalty rewards.Enter, subscribe + save. (every 1, 2 or 3 months setting)Here is how it works. Pick your product, hit subscribe and it will be entered to your subscribe list. Hover over my account and click subscriptions to see all the items you have selected. For each you can click either monthly, every 2 months of every 3 months.Say you get to the third month and you don’t need that ART toner, click skip! Simple as that with little to no commitment guys. It is SOMETHING ELSE.If and when you hit 50pv, you will receive the points and be eligible for the monthly promos.

You don’t have to do this business to share the YL love!//

It’s like sharing your fav Amazon products 🤝🤝🤝

Someone wants to check out YL products??? You don’t have to send them our info! You don’t have to actively be doing the business. You can literally send them your referral link and they can grab whatever through that.
💫 log in

💫 account details

💫 referral link tab.


The Basic Starter Kit offers all the product samples and literature you need to begin experiencing the wellness, purpose, and abundance Young Living has to offer.

I always, ALWAYS believe one of our Premium Starter Kits (oils & diffuser, Thieves, NingXia or Savvy) is THE BEST way to jump in with Young Living. It comes with everything you need to get started on your new lifestyle.

However, if you want to start with just CBD, or have a specific oil & supplement regimen you wish to start with, or you simply desire to handpick from various product families, the Basic Kit can be an EXCELLENT option!! For example, I have had a few people grab the basic kit so they can also purchase our holiday items or Black Friday sales.

The Basic Kit is like a Costco membership (except you actually get a membership gift).

Stress Away™ // diffuse, inhale, apply. smells like a vacation in a bottle and does what it says, relieves stress.

5mlAromaGlide™ Roller Fitment// add this one of your oil bottle so you can easily apply!

Orange 5 ml10// orange is amazing for tummy troubles (pop the roller fitment right on there and roll on tummy), also amazing for teeth whitening! add about 15 drops to your toothpaste of apply to your toothbrush each brush!

Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles2

NingXia Red® 60ml singles// all you need is a packet of this amazing antioxidant drink a day. its UNREAL for humans and animals of all sizes and ages.

more about ningxia

Product GuideDiscover your Young Living Lifestyle.

The YL Community Speaks

Postpartum anxiety and hormones and a mother fucking pandemic. – Kelly

I purchased my first Young Living starter kit back in 2017 from a friend. She had given a quick class, so I ordered, but did not really understand what I was doing.Fast Forward to January 2020 when Meg re-introduced me to Young Living oils. The idea of oils has always had me interested. Anything that I can use, where I am benefiting myself & my family and it not be a narcotic/drug is a huge win for me. Meg not only provided the education about oils, but she took it further than that. She introduced me to the Thieves line that we use everyday now. How to blend oils, using them topically, ingesting as well as diffusing. My daughter has been oiled since she was about 3 months old. We especially use Copaiba when teething, and Sleepyize or Peace and Calming in her room nightly. I use oils for the hair, skin, sleep and health benefits that they provide. I could go on and on about oils now. The education around them was the most helpful part about knowing what to use and when. Young Living is here to stay in our house. – Elissa

I had been oiling for a hot minute before YL, but after seeing you post i was like oh hell yes I’m jumping into this with meg she ain’t never lied. yl oils were 10000x better than anything i’d used, they actually helped me manage my cluster headaches which was huge. 2+ years later our whole house runs on oils and i’m lucky enough to make a business out of this lifestyle. – Alex

I had insomnia and bring you to your knees gas pain ( mirrored as chest pain which I took a lot of Advil for.) oh lots of anxiety! I was super sore from working out. I had an oil party to get a free diffuser and paid for a yearly membership and bought oils I didn’t need because they were cheaper and I couldn’t afford a kit. 2 years later I still have those oils because I never learned how to use them. I only ever ordered 1 more. I stumbled upon Theresa’s video of the advent calendar but I needed something basic. I came to a luncheon party that ended up being me, Theresa, Meg & Farra. Funny thing was I had worked with Meg and know her whole extended family back in the day. My sister said she knows all about it. We talked oils, we talked family, we talked business. I bought my kit that week. I also looked for flights to SLC as I was going to go convention just to hang out with like minded people. 

I’m upon 10 months of using YL, insomnia is gone not just for me but Tristan too. I have a actually finished bottles due to use. In the past 8 months I’ve attended at least 1 oil

Class every 2-3 weeks. I have a great education group where I can search most problems we are having and find that I already have the solution at my fingertips. Besides my asthma meds & BC I haven’t used over the counter medications in 9 months.  – Shannon

Straight up, had oils from amazon that blew. Saw you share on your stories about YL oils and knew you wouldn’t steer me wrong – Nikki

I wanted cleaning products I could feel good about for my house I got my kit from you Bc you’re my BFF obvi and it changed your life. – Mags

CBD was the bridge to YL.  Once I started using that and realizing how amazing it was and helpful I wanted to try to implement oils in my daily life to replace other things too.  Lemon EO and Ningxia changed the game.  I went with you because you’re normal and kept it real and not salesy.  Rather than wanting me to grab a kit off the bat there was an option to not “commit” and getting the CBD through you which was cool.  Also the education piece and not feeling like I’m irking you when I ask you stupid shit or randomly text you shit out of no where 😅 – Danielle

I switch because I wasn’t getting any education with the brand I was using at the time and saw you guys were wild with education. When it came to the product I smelled and felt the difference it was wild. – Rach

Nothing was helping with these skin issues of mine, I learned so much with YL and found so much relief. Oh I also ditched and switched and that has helped immensely!!! – Tara

Samantha age 30: I had never been too concerned about product ingredients before— not because I didn’t care, it was more because I’d actually never put much thought into it. Sadly, like a lot of women my age, we’re unaware of the harsh and potentially harmful chemicals used as ingredients in products we use for everyday activities… beauty, physical health, skincare and cleaning products. It wasn’t until last year when I was diagnosed with cancer that I decided I wanted to be in control of the products I was using inside and outside of my body. Clean and safe products started to become a priority for me as I learned more and more about the ingredients I’d been exposing myself to before. It was horrific some of the facts I discovered. I put a lot of time and effort researching companies and products that were made with clean, quality ingredients that are actually helpful to the system instead of harmful. I officially chose to try young living products during a session of chemotherapy. Instead of the prescription pills I was prescribed for nausea, which caused a number of side effects, a friend gifted YL ginger and peppermint essential oils to me as a more natural holistic way to heal the nausea I’d been experiencing. I was in awe. Young livings essential oils worked significantly better to calm my stomach and sick-feeling opposed to the strong Meditiation I’d been prescribed. This got me thinking.. if i could so easily feel better simply by diffusing these natural oils, what else from this company could I benefit from? Since, I’ve begun a daily Ningxia routine along with an entire YL line of cbd, beauty products, cleaning products and more. I am so relieved and confident knowing that the products I’m issuing now are safe and natural. It’s truly a priceless feeling to know that the products I use presently can only benefit my health and well-being. I’ll never have to worry about exposing myself to such harmful ingredients again and that’s because of Young Living. Truly one of the beat decisions I’ve ever made for myself. – Sam G

Up your email game. Like, today.

Up your email game! If you want to run a legit business you have to look like one right?

Flodesk. You will get a month free then a coupon code for half off so it will end up being $20 a month which is a tax write off. Anything that makes my life easier is worth it for me and trust, this has made my life so much easier. Here are my email templates for my Young Living business. I also send out emails for sales, offers, well wishes, etc.

Welcome Email

Monthly Email

Those who want to learn more about the biz

Email to new members who I didn’t personally enroll. I send at the end of the month. This is to let them know I am a resource as well!

When someones ER order didn’t go through (I text them as well).

Small Biz List

Crochet Mo Pockets @crochet_mo_pockets // hand crocheted goods for all ages.

Bellefixe Hair Accesories @Bellefix

313 Dance Studio @313dance // a couple gals starting a dance studio.

Delco Beads @delcobeads // these 2 little ladies make custom beads for a great cause

Board for the Soul // @boardsforthesoul charcuterie boards for your gatherings!

Delco Fit Premade Meals @delcofit // homegirl delivers to your door.

Handmade Tables @theshabbyknot // these tables are GORGE

Little Tall Rulers @little.tall.rulers // custom wood burning, gorgeous work!

Alicia the Baker @aliciathebaker // kills the cakes game.

Mad Hatter Boutique @madhatterbroomall // best boutique in delco.

Jenika Lashes @jenika_lashhairaffair // affordable and amazing false lashes

Spray tan + Make up @lisarosedececco // killllls it. nobody else touches my face.

An Adventure Awaits @shop_anadventureawaits // handmade, travel inspired goods

Bright Side Banners @brightsidebanners // Personalized inspirational banners

Sneak Peak Prints @sneakpeak_prints // screen printing on crewnecks, hoodies and such

Mark + Marin @markandmarin // cozy threaded designs!

Mons Momtique @monsmomtique // beautiful handmade gifts

Alexis Jordan Designs @alexisjordandesigns_ // cutesttttt baby binkie things

Babes and Bows @babes.and_bows // cute hommade shirts and such

B.Rose @shopb.rose // custom eagles shirts and more

Kascading Light // @kascadinglight handmade soy candles!