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Alright, I rant about this so much I think it’s time to post. As I had said before, I got into oils to help me out with my anxiety (I was born high strung, not sure if it’s a gift or a curse). After weeks of researching I was like oh shit, I can use these to prevent wrinkles too? Hair growth? Eyelash growth? Uhm, yes. I live for a good home made face mask.

Before I share my current beauty hacks, please note that there are so many oils out there that promote the well being of your skin, hair, nails, etc. The following featured only the ones I have fallen in love wit thus far. I still have so many on my list of beauty oils. Check em out. Don’t have a kit? Sign me up baby!


Thieves Wipes

Grab some empty wipes off of amazon, add one or two cap full pours + lemon eo + tea tree eo

Dry Wipes

Bug Spray

20 citronella + 15 eucalptus + 15 lemongrass + 15 peppermint + witch hazel. Many recipes say to add water but I say no because water attracts flies. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Stain Remover

Thieves dish soap, thieves cleaning solution, lemon eo, thieves eo, water. I put mine in a roller and I have a large spray of it in my laundry room. Gold baby. Solid gold.

Hair Growth/Thickening Spray or serum (up to you!)

Everyday Spray// 20 drops of lavender + 20 drops of cedarwood + 20 rosemary + 15 clary sage + 15 peppermint + 15 thyme + witch hazel + distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray in dry or wet hair!

Serum// + 3/4 castor oil + 1/4 jojoba oil.  I can’t get over the benefits of this spray. What I do is apply as a hair mask before I get into the shower. Sometimes I will leave it on overnight. If you’re hair tends to get greasy fast maybe just a few hours while you clean your house!

Face Mask

Carrier oil + your fav face oils, mine are frank, lav, geranium, copiaba and ylang ylang + 16 oz of water. Mix to your own consistency! I place the masks in a bowl and add all ingredients, let sit for hours. Be your own judge here!

Kitchen/Bath Scrub

2 cups baking soda + 20 drops of lemon EO + 2 caps thieves cleaner + splash vinegar + little bitta wataaaa (h2o)

Pregnant Belly Butter//Stretch Marks

10 frank + 10 lav + 10 gentle baby, cocoa butter, shae butter and vitamin E oil. As your beautiful baby bump grows, so does your skin. Use this butter to prevent stretch marks and keep your baby feeling nice and relaxed in the womb. What a tiny miracle. 🙂


20 ylang ylang + 20 frank + 20 lav + 20 lemon (add tea tree if you tend to break out) + 2/3 cup of castille soap + 1/3 cup of witch hazel + 2 tea spoons of vitamin E oil. Add all of this to a foaming soap dispenser. Peep My Finds for the goods. ALSO, if you do not have all of these oils feel free to make it your own. Instead of Ylang Ylang I use geranium which is amazing for the skin, lemon is as well. Do you child.

Makeup Primer

It took me a bit but I finally got a concoction down. 10 drops of each. Lav, Cedarwood, Geranium, Frank, Lemon. Rosewater and organic Rosewater. Peep My Finds for the rose sprays.

Face Moisturizing Everyday Cream

15 frank, 10 lav, 5 cedarwood. In a baby mason jar add raw shea butter and organic coconut oil, heat them until they’re soft, almost liquid. Add the oils, jojoba and sweet almond oil. Place in your fridge overnight and voillaaaaaa.

Eyelash Serum

Okay so you can either add lavender to your mascara or create the serum to use at night before bed. Mix lavender, cedarwood and rosemary with castor oil and sweet almond. I would use 6 drops of each and more sweet almond than castor. The castor oil tends to be thick.

Face Moisturizing Serum

This weather has been tough on my face so I made this overnight serum that packs a little more punch for the winter wind. 15 frank, 10 lav, 10 geranium, 7 ylang ylang. Fill the rest with jojoba and sweet avocado carrier oil. I had bad patch of eczema (self diagnosed) on my neck for like a month so I’m extra thankful for this serum. This bad boy should get your skin back to the moisture level of a Caribbean island overnight.

Hair, Body + Face Mask

Grab a jar of organic coconut oil, add frankincense, lavender, cedarwood and grapefruit. This will act as your hair, body and face mask. I use this every single night on my face and body and on as a hair mask when I’m relaxing, cleaning the house, etc. I made an under eye roller out of these oils as well, for morning and night use. Promise, you’ll never buy a CVS face mask again.

Dandruff, Pimples, Bumps, Athletes Foot, etc.

Tea tree works miracles. This anti-fungal oil clears unwanted dandruff and buildup, surprise pimples and so much more.

Friggin Lavender/Sleep Roller

Not only good for sleep! Add lav to your mascara, shampoo, condition and face products. Major improvement in all aspects. Lavender is used for skin rashes as well. Idk how people live without it, gotta be honest. For the sleep roller, add 10 drops of lav, 10 drops of stress away (I also add oregano oil which is great for calming as well). Add a carrier and roll this down your spine at night, under the feet as well.

Rosewater Spray 

Organic rosewater spray (My Finds), frankincense, rose, lavender, cedarwood and geranium. This I use all day, every day. This little homemade gem keeps your skin moist and refreshed at all times. Doesn’t F with your makeup either, if anything it sets it throughout the day. You know when you’re flying and your skin gets all dried out from the high altitude? Never again, guys. Never again.

Under Eye Roller

Lavender, cedarwood, frank, geranium, ylang ylang and copiaba. Mix with your favorite carrier oil. I used jojoba for my skin. Literally obsessed with this roller. UPDATE: I’ve added new oils that mix well with my skin such as blue cypress, royal hawaiian sandalwood, rose and jasmine.

Teeth Whitener

Orange eo + clove eo + baking soda and a smidge of water for consistency. Leave on your pearly whites for about 20 mins every other day.

I’ll keep this doc updated for my oils peeps out there. Got you guys. 

The Receiving End of Addiction

  I feel terrible for those who suffer from addiction. I think it is such a terribly sad and painful thing to go through and my heart breaks for those who have to walk that road every single day. I wish addiction wasn’t a thing. My heart also breaks for people like me as well. […]



I feel terrible for those who suffer from addiction. I think it is such a terribly sad and painful thing to go through and my heart breaks for those who have to walk that road every single day. I wish addiction wasn’t a thing.

My heart also breaks for people like me as well. Those who have to walk a road without a brother, sister, mom, dad, cousin, best friend, etc. I could go on and on because everyone is touched by addiction in some way no matter how close to home it is. I will say that the closer to home it is, the more it hurts. The addict might be somewhere far away, still managing to cause you panic, fear and anxiety or the addict could be in your very own home just not present because of the substance abuse. No matter where he/she is, you will still think about them every single day. Worry about them on the reg. The worst part is, you are the one feeling everything. The addict is numb. The addict doesn’t give a fuck because the only thing that consumes their mind is themselves. You know it isn’t who they really are which makes you sad, lonely, and helpless. Not being able to sleep because you are not sure where the addict is ruins your whole next day (sometimes week). You’ll probably find yourself driving around town to locate the addict and make sure he/she is still alive. Haven’t received a text back in days … is he/she dead? Are they alone somewhere? Is it my fault he/she relapsed?

This to me is where the inner conflict comes in. You want to grab them and punch them in the face but you know this isn’t really them. “Do you know what you are doing to me???!” This is not your dad. This is not your brother. Your mom would never do this if she was sober. How can we abandon someone we love? When is enough, enough? How many chances can I give before I throw in the towel and cut this person off? I honestly do not know the answers. I really wish I did but I don’t think there are any. I attend Al-Anon often which helps me out a ton. I also go to therapy. It helps me to realize that there really isn’t a right or wrong way to handle the addict and the terrible sleepless nights, the tears, the pain and anxiety that come along with it. I wanted to scream when I learned that. My mind is so black and white/matter of fact that I really wanted someone to tell me exactly how to handle this. I wanted someone to tell me it is okay to not answer this persons phone call. There are times I find myself irritated that I even have to go to Al-Anon or therapy because of this person. The truth is, everyone has their own ways of handling this nightmare.

Through all of these tangled emotions that come along with addiction, please don’t forget yourself.

While we want to give all that we can we have to leave some for ourselves. You have to protect yourself. I am currently pregnant making some pretty tough decisions that are good for me and my baby. Becoming a mom has changed my whole way of thinking and I think it has hardened me a bit to the bullshit life (and people) brings. Life is short and I think my standards have heightened. If something is causing me anxiety/depression it has to go. No matter who/what it is. Again, these decisions are not easy but I make them to protect myself and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I wish so badly that things were different but they aren’t and life isn’t perfect. I have given a lot. So, so much. I feel like it’s time to give back to me. This is how I feel today and I might not feel this way tomorrow or even next year but right now I am going with it.

2nd Trimester: It really is all it’s cracked up to be.


What a breath of fresh air. Holy friggin shit. Dare I say I like being pregnant? [JK, that was my hormones]

That is, if your nausea and fatigue symptoms have passed. Condolences if they haven’t. I said it before and I will say it again, you deserve an award. It’s true hell.

Now that my energy is back I’m sure Jerry wants me dead because I am in nesting mode, updating and repainting every room in the house to prepare. In my mind, I’ll be immobile in my third trimester and after birth I’ll be a slave to my newborn. Why not barrel down the hatches now?

First child pregnancy is amazing and boring all at the same time. My sleep schedule is impeccable. Well rested. No toddler to chase around. Self-care is happening on the reg. But on the other hand, it gets quite boring for that same exact reason. Before pregnancy, life was social. Very, very social. While I enjoy this chapter of my life, I’m uhmm limited.

God forbid you say pregnancy isn’t really your thing, people have strokes. Back it up Nancy, nobody said I wasn’t grateful. I’m beyond blessed and very aware of it. Just a tad bored. Plus, summer is around the corner and who doesn’t want a nice spritzer on the beach? [WARNING: I am saying what many people think, so if you’re offended please stop reading and I apologize, I am currently just as sensitive as you are. I get it.]

Here’s where it gets tricky. Now that people know you are pregnant, the comments are just…

At the same time you are in mom mode so your brain is all alert and sensitive and weird. If you try to explain to someone why you’re a tad bored of pregnancy from your point of view people try to find remedies for you – which is totally nice and normal – but you don’t want to hear it. Trying to explain to someone who is on their 5th beer that my outlet options are kind of limited is frustrating. Have another glass Nancy, I’ll be over here petting my stomach trying to stay awake while Kathy tells me the same story for the third time. *forced smile*

“What do you mean? Enjoy this time! Go to the gym!” Oh honey, I go to the gym and pamper myself when I’m not pregnant so buzz off. “You have to find a way to have fun without alcohol.” Ok Nance, you try going to a 30th birthday party where everyone is lit and you’re sober. “You’re not going to find out the gender?? You’re nuts!! Why would you not??” My own moms like, “well you know how you get.” Me? Mom, I’m perfect. Please.

Again, it’s not wrong of anyone to have these comments, I used to make them myself! I still do! People are truly, genuinely nice and trying to relate. However, you feel how you feel and it’s so much cooler when you find the person who’s like, “God bless ya hunny, it’s going to be a longgggg summer with that big ass belly and no cocktails.” My eyes light up. I’m like, “Giiiirrrllll let me tell youuuu about it. It’s been a long winter! Pull up a chair.”

Do what makes you happy! Don’t want to sit through a happy hour? Don’t! You know yourself way more than anyone else and now is not the time to do things you don’t feel like doing. Not the girl who can still hang pregnant? Who tf cares? I’m not. I yawn and want to put a face mask on and rub my stomach. Don’t care.

Also, you can totally have a glass of wine here and there. Weddings tend to be tiresome so have a glass of red and have it proud! Drink your 12 oz of coffee your allotted to (fking brutal – I do 6oz in the am and 6 I the afternoon), eat your cooked sushi. Do friggin you. Now a day’s society makes you think you can’t even fart without your kid coming out with 4 eyes. Just relax. An uptight momma means an uptight baby. I am so blessed to have the doctors I do at the McConnell division. They’re so down to earth. “I mean yeah avoid seafood like swordfish but I mean have you ever even had swordfish? Exactly.”

I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune once the little babe arrives. I really can’t wait for that. To raise a little human is truly the greatest, most powerful gift you can ever give. These posts are just how I feel now. Writing them for myself and for those who feel the same. May you never stifle your voices. Your emotions are just as important as the glowing pregnant girl who wants 10 kids and can’t wait to carry them all. Power to her too! You kill it bb.

The Oily (get you summer ready) Cleanse

beach body

Summer is around the corner and although I’ll have a beachball for a belly, I still want to maintain my figure as I have been “trying to” all winter. Obviously eating clean and exercising is the formula for a tight beach bod (sucks but it’s true). However, many of us are not where we want to be right now and here’s what I got for ya. Peep the cellulite scrub for those who have been going to town this winter. Go head ladies, nothing wrong with that baby!

Cleansing Capsules.

  • 3 drops peppermint/curbs sugar cravings
  • 3 drops grapefruit/supprts your metabolism
  • 3 drops lemon/helps to detoxify
  • Fill the rest of the capsule with a carrier oil of your choice.
  • Prepare in bulk, then freeze. Take 2 a day for 2 weeks.

Cleansing Beverage.

  • 3 drops peppermint/curbs sugar cravings
  • 3 drops grapefruit/supprts your metabolism
  • 3 drops lemon/helps to detoxify
  • Drop oils into 8 oz glass of water and drink twice a day.

Slique Tea.

  • A product of YL I came to love.
  • Contains polyphenols, which may be useful as part of a guilt-free weight-management regimen when combined with a healthy diet and physical activity. This unique blend is enhanced with 100% pure therapeutic grade Frankincense powder.
  • Bring 8 ounces of water to a rolling boil, let cool for 3½ minutes. Place one pouch in a cup, mug, or filter and add water. Steep for at least 3 minutes. Add your favorite Young Living essential oils as desired. Use daily before and after workouts, with meals, or any time you need a natural boost.

Coffee Cellulite Scrub. [Coffee scrubs exfoliate your skin your skin and stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, while the caffeine has a tightening effect. Grapefruit EO contains large amounts of enzyme bromelain, which helps to break down the cellulite.]

  • 10 grapefruit
  • 1/4 cup of raw sugar
  • 1/2 cup coffee grounds (more if you wish, but it’s strong)
  • 3 table spoons of coconut oil


My First Trimester. Though beautiful, not exactly rainbows and daisies.

baby 2


In fact, it was terrible. I’ll say it.

Please, please, please keep in mind that every single pregnancy is different and absolutely everyone has their own experiences, thoughts and feelings. I just want to share mine so that those who are going through it don’t feel so alone.

So I had a wine + oils night at my house (shocker) on January 24th and called mags before to tell her my body is acting strange and I know my body pretty friggin well. Bring a pregnancy test when you come over tonight. I’m not going to take it until Tuesday because I’m not even late and I don’t want to waste your test. Everyone leaves and after 3 glasses of red, I pour my last one out knowing damn well that it was going to be my last for a very long time. Went upstairs, took the test and almost fell off the can.

Emotions. I was so unbelievably excited I woke Jerry up (12:30am to be exact, poor dude) and he is like hold up I thought you were getting your period (TMI). I had every single symptom, so I did as well, hence why I almost fell off the pisser. This is also why we bought puppy Joe off Bob the bartender after a Sunday day load at Cuddys Brookline. Now I had a puppo and a human on the way. Did not sleep a single wink that night. So many thoughts and emotions, not an oil in the world could help me.

“Omg I am SO grateful, this is unreal. I guess I’ll tell my mom? Is it too early? Wow. Do I take another test? Could it be wrong? Like holy smokes. Jerry goes right back to sleep. I do not sleep a wink. Cried the whole next day because I was so happy/emotional/overtired.

Shell shock. This being my first pregnancy, I think what you don’t factor in is how much your life will change when you actually do get pregnant. My world was just flipped upside down with joy, gratitude, so much love, all the tears and fear. It’s like breaking up with your past life, which I was totally ready for but not at the same time if that makes sense.

There’s the whole, your life was a big party and social events aren’t exactly ideal anymore (I’ll say it). Social events in the first trimester when you are trying to keep it a secret and not throw up are crippling to say the least. It was my birthday weekend so I had all the dinners that could ever be planned so that was fun. Especially if you are sick and tired like I was. I could barely eat or keep my eyes open. My patience was nonexistent. Scratch that, it was in the negatives. The “morning sickness” was actually “all day sickness”. I didn’t even like to be around me. I would literally sit in my car and cry because I was so frustrated at how I felt and I didn’t want to be dramatic about it – as if crying in my car wasn’t dramatic enough. It truly was like waking up every single morning with a stomach bug sprinkled with the flu with a food poison cherry on top. Every single day. For about 2.5 months. Couldn’t use or smell any of my oils. Super B and Ningxia became the only things I could take down and not want die after. Carbs were cool.

My mom never experienced this illness so she was like “omg get over yourself”. Jerry didn’t get it so I started to feel alone and hated myself for not being this glowing pregnant woman skipping around and whistling. Please reread that. Your partner is not going to get it and it is not their fault. They aren’t the one going through these hormonal, body and life changes. That was the toughest for me to swallow because I always have had such an easy time expressing my emotions to loved ones that when both my mom and Jerry didn’t get it I felt so alone. Am I going mad? Thank God for mags. I called her after an exhausting dinner and was like dude what is wrong with me??? She brought me back down to earth real quick.

Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t SO grateful and in love with my baby, the connection for me was instant. It was just really hard to even think about that when the only symptoms you have are nausea, fatigue, sore tits and severe mood swings. I was no longer in control of my body and emotions.

All worth it. The 8-week appointment was incredible, it became real. Of course you have the whole “what if there’s nothing in there” anxiety chat with yourself because if you say it out loud people think you’re insane. The heartbeat had me sobbing until the minute I pulled back into work. We were like wow this is a true miracle. God has seriously blessed us. How can we be so lucky? My best friend is literally living in my stomach.

So what I want to say is that the hunnies going through it right now, I get you. If you don’t feel good you don’t feel good. It is OK to let yourself get a little frustrated. Our feelings are very important. They count. They matter. Feel it and don’t feel bad about it. I’m not saying walk around hissing at people because you can’t eat let alone smell food because that’s just mean. Just keep pushing through and reminding yourself that the second trimester is euphoric (for most, sorry for those who have sickness the whole 9 months, you literally deserve a friggin holiday dedicated to you) and you are taking part in a miracle. Not many can say that. I am in the second trimester now and it really is all they say. This crazy, hormonal journey is so, so worth it. I never feel alone and I think about him/her all the time. I truly cannot wait to hold this babe and teach him/her that they can literally do and be anything that they want. The world is yours baby M.



Sitting here on a Morning morning drinking my cup of jo, waking up slow. *cue Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes*. Cue that song always, for real though.

You know when you actually take a minute to breathe and count your blessings and you get all weird like, “okay things are too good, when is my car going to break down?” Or if you have anxiety like me, your mind goes to even weirder shit. Trust. Like house fire shit.

Anyway, I know there are high and low points of life but I don’t necessarily think it changes all as much as we harp on, I think it’s when we decide to focus our energy on the good is when we feel the most blessed. So from here on out I am going to try my friggin hardest to count my blessings. Keyword there is try.

So today I am grateful for so many things. For my mom who has acted as both mom and dad to my brother and I, the woman who brings me back down to earth when I am taking life too seriously. My friends who (now I know I can be biased here) are the best in the world. Every single one of them. They make all stages of life the absolute best no matter how difficult I make them for myself at times. They accept me for who I am.

Be grateful for your flaws too! They make you who you are for Christ sake! If you have a temper like mine and tend to fly off the handle saying things you don’t mean, work on it but don’t beat yourself up about it for weeks. Forgive yourself. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to judgement and critique.

STOP + BE PRESENT. How can you truly enjoy the moment when you are busy snap chatting it? I am so, so guilty of this being the oily insta freak I am BUT I am trying. I recently deleted my snapchat (I mean my snap name was sexc33 but that’s besides the point). When Jerry is acting like a clown or Joe is humping my favorite pillow and I go to reach for my phone, lately I put it back down and continue to laugh. Life is too short. Bask in it.

Are there aspects of my life I wish were different? Oh god yeah. But what would life be without the ups and downs. Are my student loans strangling me? Totally. Do I wish my patience wasn’t so small you need coke bottle specs to find it? Um, yes. I miss old relationships I used to have but that doesn’t take away from the ones I have now that I cherish so, so much.

Life isn’t perfect but I truly believe we are given what we can handle and I like to think God gave me my difficult situations because he knows I’m a tough cookie. Thanks, God. I am so grateful.

You are the gatekeeper of your home ◗

Guys, did you know that you are exposed to over a hundred harmful chemicals every morning even before leaving your home? From your perfume and makeup to the spray you wipe your vanity down with. Did you know that these chemicals lead to allergies, lung disease and even cancer? Swear. Did you also know that there are no federal regulations of chemicals in household products? What the actual fuck?


Unfortunately, these toxins that we are exposed to everyday are taking a toll on our bodies. For example, toxic cleaning products aren’t just tough on your respiratory function—they can absolutely destroy you and your home’s microorganisms. Environmental toxins are often endocrine disruptors; that is, they can block hormones or actually impair the production of hormones by the endocrine glands. Laments terms, they are effing with our moods, sleep, and production causing allergies, cancer and tumors. Guys, kids products. There’s Formaldehyde found in some baby shampoos, and body washes. Formaldehyde. I shit you not. The toxin they preserve dead people in that is linked to cancer and other allergies. That is horrifying.

Let’s look at some of the scary chemicals that are in SO many of the products that are used daily and even products that are “recommended for kids” ……

First and foremost, one of the most dangerous ones of all. Fragrance!

Fragrance: Whenever you see this word on a label, SAY NO. This is a MAJOR loophole in US labeling regulation that lets manufacturers include just about any ingredient they want in a product under the umbrella term of “fragrance.” It keeps you from ever really knowing what’s in your products. The EU took the sensible route of closing up this loophole altogether. FRAGRANCE = Chemical Nightmare. (Cancer, Infertility, Respiratory Issues, Allergies, Asthma, Skin disorders, just a few issues that “fragrance” causes. It’s no wonder these are all on the rise in todays world. It’s not a coincidence friends, it’s facts.)

Formaldehyde: “Formaldehyde,” you may say. “You’ll find formaldehyde most commonly in hair straightening treatments, as well as some nail polish and eyelash glue. It’s legal to include in US made cosmetics, however it is banned in Europe. It’s a known carcinogen and can cause breathing issues.

Petroleum: Petroleum is derived from the same stuff that fuels your car. It goes by a few different names, including mineral oil, petrolatum, and paraffin oil. Whatever gets into your body just kind of… sits there. What does that mean over the long term? Who knows! Which is likely why it’s not used in the EU. Keep your eye out for petroleum in moisturizing products for lips and skin.

Parabens: known by many different names (including methylparaben, isopropylparaben, pentylparaben, isobutylparaben, phenylparaben, and benzylparaben) are a preservative, they have a tendency to mimic estrogen in the body, wreaking havoc on your hormonal system. Their impact may even be enough to reduce fertility!!!! Parabens are extremely common in conventional skin and hair products, so keep a sharp eye out for them whenever you shop.

Triclosan: Steer clear of this ingredient in soaps and toothpastes. There are other ongoing studies that involve the safety of triclosan. One is a study investigating the potential of developing skin cancer after a long-term exposure to triclosan in animals.

Hydroquinone: This ingredient is found in products designed to brighten or lighten the skin. It’s also bad, bad news. Europe and Japan have outlawed it due to its cytotoxic nature. Hydroquinone kills cells and chromosomes if it is used too much, which sets the stage for some forms of cancer. While high doses of hydroquinone are banned in the US, prescription level amounts of 4% are readily available. There’s no evidence that this dosage doesn’t lead to cancer, so it makes the most sense to avoid hydroquinone completely.

P-Phenylenediamine: Otherwise known as PPD, this ingredient is derived from coal tar. It leads to (very severe) allergic reactions and can be found in a huge number of conventional hair dyes. The EU has banned it altogether, and I’d encourage you to ban it from your bathroom as well.

Quaternium-15: Manufacturers use this to help their makeup last as long as possible. Which is all well and good, until you realize that it can release formaldehyde. Yup, the same stuff that causes cancer and breathing issues. You’re most likely to find this banned ingredient in facial cosmetics, especially powders.

Talc: Talc shows up in cosmetics and hair care products that help get rid of oil (dry shampoo, powdered makeup, deodorants and even baby powder). It contains asbestos and increasing your risk of lung growths and mesothelioma. While there is strict quality control on talc in the United States, it’s much safer to take the route the EU chose and avoid it altogether.

And those are just a handful. There are THOUSANDS more. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to your health. Sugar coating things isn’t helping either. This stuff is serious. It’s happening and it’s causing an epidemic of issues.

We are all just trying to get by in this life, right?

So it’s easy for us to just grab the cheapest body lotion that smells like yummy cucumbers or the glass cleaner that’s on sale without checking the labels. Windex is good right? Everyone uses Windex! Bleach? I grew up using bleach and I’m fine. Yeah, for right now I’m fine. I LOVED the smell of bleach growing up. Why wouldn’t I, it means a clean home right? CRUSHES your respiratory system, agitates your lungs, ears and eyes and you are advised not to inhale it when you are pregnant. Not concerning at all. Not concerned about my long term health at all. *Everything’s fine.*

Here’s a real kicker, if a cleaning product at your supermarket proclaims itself “green,” “natural” or “biodegradable,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s nontoxic. In 2010 the environmental consulting firm TerraChoice Group produced a report called “The Sins of Greenwashing.” In it the group found more than 95 percent of so-called green consumer products had committed at least one “greenwashing sin,” like making an environmental claim that may be truthful but unimportant. “CFC-free,” for example, is a common one, since CFCs are banned by law. Greenwashing is at an al time high. Companies are catching on. “Ohh let’s just put a leaf on our product and it will be more appealing and seem natural!”


So what do you do?

Throw out the fragrance products. Anything that says fragrance, throw it the f$%^ out. It contains acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, camphor, ethanol, ethyl acetate, limonene, linalool and methylene chloride – usually in some combination. Many fragranced household products, such as air fresheners, dish soap, even toilet paper contain these. Because of proprietary laws, companies don’t have to disclose what’s in their scents, so you won’t find phthalates or any of the above on the label. If you see the word “fragrance” on a label, there’s a good chance these are present. Here is the issue, unlike the digestive system, the skin has no safeguards against toxins. Absorbed chemicals go straight to organs. Again, horrifying.

Know better, do better. Now that you know, research your products. You guys know I use Young Living for absolutely everything because I trust them. I will continue to use YL on myself and my family and my future children and my pupper and my loved ones. Anything I can do to protect from these harmful toxins, I will do.

Listen I am no saint and am far from perfect but my home is my safe place. A place where I let my hair down, relax, and recoup. You may be thinking, “okay Meg act like you’re all high and mighty, you crush red wine and rip heaters after 4 glasses”.  Touché, I am absolutely not perfect. Nobody is. But I am finding it really hard to ignore the fact that since I have switched and ditched all of my products my moods have been better, my anxiety has decreased. I no longer have to open the windows when I am cleaning my bathroom. I think I sleep better knowing that I have eliminated these dangers in my own home.

So I’ll ask you again. If you can eliminate toxins in your home, why would you not?

My Why // The Sharing Side

Welcome to the good life – Kanye West.


My Why//

I had worked and busted my ass for so many years, went to college like I was supposed to, have mounds of student loans to show for it, bartended through college and so on and so forth. Grateful for my experiences because they made me who I am today but sitting in that cubicle after graduating from college was suffocating. I felt trapped and I couldn’t stomach the thought of being there for the rest of my remaining years. Not for me. Not for many.
Finding YL was one of the biggest blessings in my life thus far. I truly mean that. I hustled my ass off so that I didn’t have to return to that cubicle, so that I could stay home with my son, so I never had to call out of work or answer to the man again. That is still very much so a part of why I hustle my ass off and what lights my soul on fire. I also want financial freedom for my children and myself. I want a shore home, I want a mountain home my friends can use whenever they want. I have achieved so much in this business already and I have so much more to go and THAT makes my heart happy every single day. I do what I love. How many people can say that?  Join my team!

My Story//

Picture it, Christmas of 2017, freshly married. Jerry gets me a set of Essential Oils from Amazon *shrieks* and a diffuser. No joke I spend the whole day researching all of the uses, diffusing the oils and loving the smells but were they doing anything? No. See, we got married, bought a house and moved all in one year so I basically had a mental breakdown and my anxiety had come to a head. It was uncontrollable. I would’ve tried ANYTHING. I never really felt much of a difference with these amazon oils but in my head I felt I was stepping in the right direction. I gave it time and used them here and there. No significant results. I knew I loved the idea of oils and my anxiety had been crippling me so I kept at it for a bit. Again, amazon oils. No results. I needed something. Started to think this oil craze was bullshit.

Fast forward April 2018 on a bachelorette party for my friend Kate. I needed to borrow something (still can’t remember what it was til this day) and her sister Tre lends me hers (this is my like second time meeting Tre but I mean what can I say, she’s generous). I was like YO what is this. Turns out it’s a Young Living product. So we get to talking and she’s telling me about Young Living and I’m like cool but let’s get ready and get shitfaced tonight, we’re on a bach party and the stripper is on his way. Anywho, the next day on the boat we get to talking again about oils and she tells me more about YL. She also tells me how this is her passion and even her career. It takes me 2 months to reach out to her and be like “okay I am ready.” The rest is history. I have absolutely no idea what I was doing living without these oils. They are 100% from the earth, no additives whatsoever which means that they work. They work people. I wouldn’t waste my time on them for no reason. Unlike my amazon oils I am applying them, ingesting them, using YL’s cleaning products, like this life is GOOD.

So here I am posting about my oils on my Instagram and getting so much response. I was truly just sharing them, learning and chatting about them. After a few months of people inquiring and me simply answering questions I finally posted the Premium Starter Kit and I sold 2 kits on a hot August summer night. Tre texted me in the morning and was like holy shit dude. I was like let’s friggin go. I can love these AND make money off of them?! I had an event with literally just my family there, no sales at all but they had previously bought the kit from me because I mean, they’re my family. I had more and more events, kit sales and group chats. I soaked up absolutely everything I could from the business groups, duplicated and utilized Tre in all ways I possibly could while adding my own business twists and techniques to it. I friggin LOVE connecting with people. I love helping people. This business is simply that, it is just an added bonus that you can make a career out of it. So here I am at Silver leader hustling my ass off for Gold. I want financial freedom for me and my family and it’s absolutely going to happen. I am a force.

In conclusion, if you are interested in this business, the possibilities are endless. The resources offered are endless. The community we have is unbreakable. I am truly blessed that the universe brought me here because this is what I am meant to do. ANYONE can do this business. The product sells itself, so if you utilize your resources, love and share, and learn as much as you can about the business you too will succeed.

Join my team!

Farewell, 2018. A friendly reminder to keep doing you.


I am so unbelievably optimistic for the new year.

2018 was definitely a rough one, many highs and low but the more I think about it, every year is full of them. Some are worse than other *cough, this one* but that is life right? Nobody is going to have the perfect year. Through all of the ups and downs I am definitely grateful for where I currently am at now. The people I surround myself with are so supportive and genuine. That means so, so much. Through all the bullshit, I have learned so much. Mental struggles brought pain but also brought strength. Loss of family brought agony and sorrow but I learned to actually feel it. I’m so much more in touch with my emotions, who I am, who I want to be, and who I want to surround myself with. Social media portrays perfect lives, but everyone is dealt a deck that contains jokers. Some, more jokers than others which is definitely unfair. But try to remember that while you scroll through your social apps. Everyone has their cross to bear. I’m not perfect, my life isn’t either, but guess what… nobody’s is.

So here’s to 2019. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be somewhere taking care of me. Taking care of my mental health. Taking a day off if I need it. Cancelling plans if I don’t want to go. I wouldn’t call it selfish, I would call it necessary, especially for my mental health. Take care of your loved ones, but don’t forget yourself. Instead of watching trash TV (I’ll never not watch Real Housewives so that’s that), watch an informative documentary or read a self help book. I recommend Girl, Wash your Face and You are a Badass . Don’t have time to read? Listen to them in your car on your commute to work. I find listening to podcasts in the mornings keep me motivated, especially on Mondays when my mind is like “WTF is life”. Be you. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Those who don’t like who you really are can pound sand. Why would you even want to fuck with those kinds of people anyway? Encourage others, hug your loved ones, hug strangers! Support your homies. The world nowadays needs more of that. I mean there’s always going to be friends and family who occasionally drive you up a wall but forgive them. Be forgiving. Life is way too short and it’s so much easier to love.

So raise a glass to 2019. After all, ya only got one life, so make it a great one.


xx Meg

The Holiday Blues


Let me tell ya something, they’re quite alright to have. There were a ton of changes in my life this past year so this Christmas felt a bit forced. I decorated like 5 weeks too early to get into the spirit. Every movie I put on I would get sidetracked with other things and not even pay attention. Jerry and I went to Rose Tree Park to look at the lights and there were about 659 kids running around, we were like yo let’s get out of here and maybe never return? That’s where we got engaged so it was supposed to get me in the spirit, but it really didn’t and you want to know something: THAT’S TOTALLY OKAY.

Life throws ya curve balls. We just lost my grandpop in March (he was like a father to my fam), my grandmom broke her hip so she was in a nursing home and missing her Joey. Other relationships had changed and weren’t as strong as they used to be. They say take the lemons and make lemonade but sometimes you don’t want to, how bout that? Me and my mom couldn’t talk about my grandpop without crying and I didn’t even care. We let it flow. Ya gotta feel your feelings or they’ll explode in other ways.

Even with the downs, there were so many ups. Christmas Eve was the first time my mom and her siblings were all in the same room in Lord knows how long and my grandmom was able to experience it. We had such a nice time. It was such a nice night and I am so grateful for all that I have.

I just wanted to write up a little something for those who felt the same to let you know that you aren’t alone and it is totally fine to feel the way you feel. Things change, life changes, people come and go and if this Christmas just wasn’t your cup of tea, I bet next year will be. And if it isn’t, that is okay too.